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The six in your birth date

Count the sixes in your date of birth (including all the numbers in the year). The numerologist, Eleonore Jacobi, will tell you what the sixes mean!

1 six

You are a peace-loving person and generally very house-proud. You are rather unconventional and it might be that you don’t have particularly good memories of your time at school. Not because you weren’t bright, but your ideas about how you wanted to do things and the ideas of the school authorities didn’t quite see eye to eye.

You’re a very family orientated; the family unit is of great importance to you. You have very strong feelings but it can be that in a relationship you tend to over-idealise your partner, who can’t always live up to your very high expectations. That self-assured and the confident air that you present to the outside world can easily be knocked. Sometimes, so much so that it has to be built up again almost from scratch. Maybe this latent insecurity is the reason why you’re sometimes so quick to make compromises, instead of sticking to your beliefs.

2 or more sixes

You are creative, although you often lack the inner confidence needed to carry out your ideas, that often don’t fit in with any established norm. Your naturally unconventional disposition can make it difficult for you to be accepted in the way that you would like. It doesn’t matter, remain true to yourself.

You are prepared to do anything for your family. A pleasant home and working environment is very important to you. You demonstrate an outward strength, but inwardly you’re not as tough as you make out. You give the impression of being independent and self-confidant, someone who can deal with the world alone, but this outward show of independence can scare off potential partners. It isn’t easy for you to sublimate your ego or to give up any of your independence in a relationship. For you it’s often the case of treading a fine line between reality and your, sometimes slightly too idealistic ideals of the world. The challenge is find a healthy balance between the two.

Absence of six

Here the sense of harmony is missing, that for people born with a 6 in their date of birth is a given. You’re more likely to fight for something than to make a compromise. It can very often lead to misunderstandings when dealing with close family member or partners with a six in their date of birth. Sometimes you can’t understand why someone seems so willing to make a compromise, that seems objectively, to be only to their own disadvantage.

Those of you without a six in your date of birth should try to see that problems can be dealt with differently and that not everything has to be fought for. The ability to compromise can also lead to acceptable solutions.

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PUBLISHED: 01 September 2014

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