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The one in your birth date

Count the ones in your date of birth (including all the numbers in the year). The numerologist, Eleonore Jacobi, will tell you what the ones mean!

1 one

If you only have 1 one in your date of birth, then you are a person who deals with his emotions sparingly. If you are a man, you are the quiet type, if you are a woman, others do not notice your deepest feelings. With just 1 one in your date of birth people do not think you capable of deep feelings. This is naturally a mistake. You are of the opinion that once a feeling is expressed, this should suffice for a while; once you have told your partner how much you love him or her, this should not have to be repeated for weeks or even years. The feelings for the partner haven’t changed and thus do not need to be repeated time and again. You like talking about this and that and you even sometimes reveal things about yourself in the hopes that this will suffice for the demands of your partner. Yet you prefer to keep your deepest inner feelings for yourself. This can be a real problem in a relationship, especially if you partner has two ones in his or her date of birth.


2 ones
You have two ones in your date of birth and you can express you feelings brilliantly. You are a wonderful person to talk to. You are articulate in your work and you can impart your plans and ideas marvellously. You expect, however, the same of your partner, but you should look and see how many ones he or she has in his or her date of birth. You would love to hear at least twice a day, if not more, how much your partner loves you. This is a wish that cannot always be fulfilled with a different combination of ones. Misunderstandings are foreseeable: "You don’t love me," says the 2 ones; "That’s not true. I told you I did just last week,” retorts the 1 one. “Yes, but you didn’t tell me so today," continues the 2 ones. Mutual understanding and tolerance is demanded here, since even a partner with 3 ones in his or her date of birth is not necessarily more communicative about feelings.


3 ones
If you have three ones in your date of birth then you can be one of two things: either extremely communicative or very uncommunicative! Although communicative here means that you talk a lot, but not necessarily that you express your real feelings. You are a someone who needs a long time to make a decision, whether it is regarding your profession, relationship or vacation destination. The question of whether you should buy the red or the yellow sweater can take so long that someone else grabs it in the meantime. This is not a fault in you character; it is rather a character trait that will accompany you throughout your life. When you have problems to solve, you think about them for a long time, sometimes too long; you internalise everything and then tell the world of your decision. If you have a partner who only has 1 one on the square, this can lead to major misunderstandings. A suggestion: go shopping alone so that you do not feel pressured to make a quick decision and your partner is spared the annoyance of waiting so long for you to make up your mind. If you have to take important decisions, set yourself a date to do this by. It is possible that you are someone who does not like hanging around the house, but rather needs to be out and about. In this way you can get rid of your pent up energy.


PUBLISHED: 01 September 2014

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Numerology: Numbers in your birthdate

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