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The four in your birth date

Count the fours in your date of birth (including all the numbers in the year). The numerologist, Eleonore Jacobi, will tell you what the fours mean!


1 x four

The number four is very earthy. You are practical, see things through, and when you do something, you always do it properly. This is particularly true regarding things directly within your sphere of interest or that you are currently involved in. You are a natural organiser and have a predominantly practical approach to your environment and your life. You aren’t a theoretical type; for you things have to have a sound practical value to be of interest. Those with a four in their date of birth are of a very practical bent. For them, what they can see, smell, taste and touch is more tangible than any intellectual flight of fancy. The four is also the sign that can be lacking in self-confidence and so you may occasionally be prone to feelings of inadequacy and doubts about your ability to complete projects that are currently in process.
Financial security can play an important role your life, and although in some ways you like the idea of being conventional, be careful, this could seriously cramp your style. It’s also always very important for you to remember to listen to other peoples’ opinions. They might have something to say that you could benefit from!

2 x fours

With two fours you have to be careful not to put yourself under too much pressure, because you are a perfectionist! Everything has to be done exactly as you want it and you have very little understanding of people who don’t agree with your perfectionist ideals and who therefore have a slightly more relaxed attitude to their work. For you it is of the utmost importance that everything is done perfectly, in exactly the way that you imagine. You also have a tendency to demand equally high standards from partners, children or colleagues. However, they are perhaps completely different characters or not especially gifted in a practical sense.

You might wonder why your life seems to be so stressful. Maybe you cause the stress yourself, through your habit of trying to enforce your high personal standards on the people around you. It would be of great benefit to learn to appreciate not only your own particular talents but also to see the value of the quite different talents of those around you. You can be quite hard on yourself, as well as on your family and colleagues. Your self-confidence isn’t as rock solid as it appears to the outside world. If you could trust yourself to show a little more vulnerability, you would receive the emotional support that would enable you to feel more genuinely confident.

The need for financial security can be overriding. This, and your fear of change, can block you from moving forward. For example, many people with multiple fours remain in unhappy circumstances because they don’t want to give up the home that they’ve worked so hard to build. They forget that the inner house of the soul is just as important as this, if not more so.

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PUBLISHED: 01 September 2014

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Numerology: Numbers in your birthdate

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