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The five in your birth date

Count the fives in your date of birth (including all the numbers in the year). The numerologist, Eleonore Jacobi, will tell you what the fives mean!


1 five

You’re good at asserting yourself. You are focussed and impulsive, but can see things through. You like to make decisions on the spur of the moment. A lot of people have good ideas, but it’s easier for you, with one five in your birth date, to put them into practice. You can set yourself clear goals and work single-mindedly towards them. Five is the numerological ascendant for passion. Everything is experienced and lived with great intensity. Change and challenge are inherent elements of your life. Don’t forget, however, that not everyone has the same level of determination as you do, since not everyone has a five in their date of birth. The down side is that you can be quite unpleasant when you do not succeed in getting your way. You’re not very good at accepting other people’s opinions.

2 fives

You have a pronounced desire for independence, and your impulsiveness can be difficult to harness when it comes to staying on course. For a lover or a partner this can be difficult because you do not want to be tied down and would prefer to leave a partner than to have to explain your restlessness or reveal your spiritual needs. This restlessness could also unsettle you yourself, especially if there are other influences like a six in your birthday, birth month or life path number that may mean conflicting dispositions. You prefer to deal with this conflict privately, as you often feel misunderstood. You possess a wealth of inner energy that needs to be released periodically by new experiences, such as travelling, moving house, new challenges or simply an adventurous weekend away.

If you are able to defuse this inner restlessness in such constructive ways, then you can be a very good life partner. Perhaps you already have a career that involves a lot of stress and change; if so, you are probably using up that energy in a positive way. If you can’t live out your impulsive urges, the energy could build up and find its release in the form of temper tantrums, aggression or a high level of restlessness and discontent. You can be quite a dictator.


PUBLISHED: 01 September 2014

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