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The eight in your birth date

Count the eights in your date of birth (including all the numbers in the year). The numerologist, Eleonore Jacobi, will tell you what the eights mean!



1 eight

You are a logical thinker. You are always looking for balance in your life and are good at juggling family and work to maintain an even keel. You have a dry sense of humour, are well organised and have a good business head. Although the eight gives inner power, you can be easily caught off balance and have a tendency to be self-critical. Due to your logical way of looking at things you sometimes appear rather slow and ponderous which certainly isn’t the case. Your thought processes are simply different from those of people who have, for example a three in their date of birth, and are quicker to understand things, but who equally quickly subsequently forget. You, however, don’t forget anything that has once made a strong impression on you. As a lover you could lighten up a little, but you’re a very attentive and considerate partner, who thinks of everything, even down to the smallest detail.


2 or more eights

Although people with two or more eights in their date of birth are often particularly good organisers and bursting with ideas, I’ve noticed that they can find it hard to put their talents into practise. More than one eight comes with a lot of negative energy and since eight is the number of balance, a lot of energy can be used up in constantly trying to maintain a healthy equilibrium. You have a tendency to question everything. If you have multiple eights in your date of birth you could probably explain away the world quite convincingly if you felt so inclined. You have enormous organisational talent, an intuitive financial sense and rarely fail to make a profit on something that you’ve invested in. You can, however also be rather petty and even tight-fisted in financial dealings. There is always a risk, for those with multiple eights, of only seeing the negative side of a situation. You have huge reserves of talent and you can be very hard on yourself and on those close to you: reserving you sunny side for those in the outside world. That is of course fatal for any relationship. Your partner simply suffocates.


Absent eight

Without an eight in your date of birth you lack the talent to see things logically and to think systematically. You’re more likely to leap into something without having previously considered the pros and cons. You need to learn to think carefully before you act. In relationships there’s an enormous potential for conflict when one of you has an eight in your date of birth and the other doesn’t. When one of you constantly demands explanations the partner can feel as though they have to be permanently justifying their actions or behaviour. It's especially difficult between parents and children where the potential for conflict is huge. It can be often be helped by explaining the motives behind demands, i.e. saying, that I would like you to tidy up your rooms because Aunt Matilda is coming in ten minutes and she always sticks her nose into every room in the house, is far more likely to get some response than just saying that you want their bedroom tidied up...

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PUBLISHED: 01 September 2014

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