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colour auras Banish the winter chills by using colour wisely and resourcefully!

Colour has a powerful affect on mood and can alter our aura in a positive way. One of the reasons why January and February can be depressing is because it feels like greyness and darkness have been with us for far too long. However, you can cheer yourself up amazingly by using the right colour in some eye-catching ways and places.


This symbolises the life-force at its purest. Use it for a sensation of warmth and excitement. Red can give you vitality and determination. It can also boost courage and passion. Because it is the colour associated with the base chakra, it gives you your connection to the vibrant power within the earth. Deep red can be surprisingly relaxing and reassuring, as it subconsciously reminds you of being in the womb. It also connects you with your sexuality. Bright red is the most stimulating colour in the spectrum and flashes of it will give you confidence and energy.
• Red shoes are wonderful for giving you that extra “oomph”. They will bring you the message that life is fun every time you look down at them, and they will speed up your activities and actions.
• A red scarf always looks stylish and eye-catching — an instant boost when you’re stepping out into fog and ice. It gives the impression of self-assurance.
• Deep red in the bedroom will help you to sleep safe and sound and will make your sex-life active and fulfilling.
• Red crystals such as garnet and ruby will help you fight off winter infections and give you strength. Wear them as rings, and when you need protection look into the depths of the stone and feel heartened.

Pink is more soft and gentle than red, carrying some of its warmth, but less stridently. It enables you to feel loved and to project affection too. If you need to de-stress, pink will be as soothing as blues and greens but without their coolness.
• Wear pink to feel light-hearted and playful. Pink is also fine for men to wear too — pale pink works well in shirts.
• Rose quartz is a beautiful crystal that will bring caring and co-operation into your home. Place a bowl of rose quartz crystals or tumble-stones in your lounge for a cosy family feeling
• Shades of pink are great for walls and you only need a hint to make you feel cosseted.

Cheerful and optimistic, orange sends an affirmation to your subconscious that everything’s going to be okay. It’s great for positive thinking and helping you to count your blessings. It is the colour of the sexual chakra, so like red, it can boost your love-life by connecting you to your true feelings and desires. This is a very creative colour, so if you need some stunning ideas for a new project, having something orange close by such as a vase or paperweight will put you in the right frame of mind. It is best to avoid citrus hues as they can be acid and have a surprisingly cold vibe. Go for apricot, flame and terracotta to boost your faith in life.
• Place a picture of the bright orange rising sun where you will see it when you wake up. This will have the effect of a summer’s morning. Move the picture from place to place so it continues to surprise you.
• Orange is great for the dining room. It stimulates your appetite in just the right way and will encourage you to eat healthy, nutritious foods that will keep you well, rather than stuffing yourself with stodge as a comforter.
• Orange carnelian will boost your sex-drive. It’s also great if you’re shy — wear it round your neck and you’ll feel more self-assured and able to speak up in public.

This symbolises wealth of all kinds, not just money. It relates to emotional riches, spiritual enlightenment and the ability to enjoy life. It is the colour of the solar plexus chakra which is so vital to your self-expression and talents. During the winter months it can be hard to find the motivation to pursue interests, but if you neglect them you may stagnate. If you need inspiration to make it to your dance class, pick up your sewing or work at your desk — the colour gold can bring you a gift. Yellow in general is mentally stimulating, but again avoid the acidic shades such as lemon, for they will make you feel chilly.
• Use gold throws and cushions to add opulence to your room. It will convince you that you have plenty to give and will set up a positive flow in your life.
• Wearing gold jewellery will enhance your sense of self-worth and project a subtle message of success
• Place some citrine beside you while you’re doing anything that requires clear thought. This crystal will sharpen your mind and switch on those light-bulb moments.
• Carrying a gold bag gives a touch of glamour, and is a continual reminder that there’s more to life than the daily grind.

When using colour always be aware of your own reactions. A shade that gives one person a boost may be too much for someone else and could be overwhelming rather than energising. Remember that small variations in shade can make a huge difference. All it takes is a little awareness to bring a smile into your winter world.

Put a splash of colour into your life with a reading to leave you sparkling and uplifted today!

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