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The Lazy Days of Summer – Chill Out With Cool Change


There's no season quite like summer! Something positive can be said about each of the seasons, but summer is something special. Maybe it's because the bright, warm sun brings out the best in people. Smiles and dispositions are equally bright and cheery as the life-giving sun in the sky, adding to the renewed sense of energy and purpose as people work to perfect their beach bods. Summer holidays are the perfect time to visit the beach. When the temperature starts to rise then it's high time for making changes that result in continued prosperity throughout all the seasons of the year.

Soak Up the Sun – Sip Some Inspiration
The sweltering days of summer tend to encourage a slower, more languid approach to each day, which is perfect for reflecting on the past while contemplating the future. Nothing pairs quite so nicely with a round of reflective contemplation as an elderflower spritzer. Elderflowers have a long and varied history of medicinal uses, including treatment of allergies, flu and common colds, and their sweet flavor has been referred to as both magical and floral. Simply mix an ounce of Saint Germain (or your choice of Elderflower liquor) with eight ounces of sparkling water. For a truly special addition to this delicious summer treat, freeze some edible flowers, like posies, into some ice cubes to keep your drink as beautiful as it is refreshing.
Now that you've slowed yourself to match summer's lazy pace, this is a great time to mull over the events which have transpired over the past half-year. Are you satisfied with where your life is going? What changes would you make, if any? What needs to change in your life so you can wake up each day feeling the same inspiration and optimism characterized by summertime? 
Keep the Warmth of Summer Going with These Simple Changes
·  Get Outside the Zone – Moving beyond your comfort zone can sometimes be a challenge, but it doesn't have to be a source of stress. Sometimes all you need is a simple change of routine. For people who work at home, a change of routine can be as simple as meeting a client at the local coffee shop for the day rather than relying upon a conference call.   Take a walk, or try a different route to the grocery store, anything that causes you to get out of your head long enough to become aware of your present surroundings.
·  Change the Radio Station – Music is an international language and is fantastic for creating a relaxation response in the body. Rather than listening to the same tired tunes you've grown accustomed to, try listening to something new. Ask friends for recommendations or try an array of upbeat, funky, and soothing instrumentals. Playing some soothing music while meditating can deepen the sense of well-being and focus which can help instill good habits as you work towards personal transformation.
·  Visit Some Place New – Senior art critic and columnist for the New York Times, Jerry Saltz, put it best when he said “Summer is a great time to visit art museums, which offer the refreshing rinse of swimming pools - only instead of cool water, you immerse yourself in art.” Treat yourself to a mini holiday, right in your backyard by being a tourist in your home town. Visit a museum, an art gallery, or dine at an exotic restaurant you've been longing to enjoy. Take a friend along to enjoy the adventure, and maybe even a camera to help preserve the memories. 
 · Try a New Job – Sticking with a less-than-satisfying job creates an internal environment of stress and discomfort which often bleeds over into the external environment as well. In short, the more you dislike your job the more likely your home life is full of strife and strain, too. Consider a change which will have a positive impact on your life, your health and your happiness. An uncertain job market may make the thought of change daunting, but there's no need to fret, one of our talented psychics can help you direct you towards greater satisfaction and prosperity.
·  Explore a New Hobby – Making a positive change can be difficult when your whole life has been spent putting the happiness of others before your own satisfaction. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start, let alone what to try. One thing you can do is revisit your childhood memories and recall what activities brought you the most joy then try to recreate those moments in your adult life. For instance, if you enjoyed drawing and coloring in your youth, then perhaps taking a water color class at the local university may be enjoyable. 
Growth and Change – It's in the Cards
In every waking moment of every day there is an opportunity to create positive, lasting change that permeates all aspects of your life. Facing change and taking those initial steps can sometimes be delayed by uncertainty and insecurity, that's why our skilled psychics are standing by; ready to help you navigate the path of your soul's journey. 
Author: Carol B 1342 - I’m a Reiki master and psychic offering help with love, career and life.
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