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Yuletide Magic 2018


There is magic all around during Yuletide.  How can you get this to work powerfully for you and make the most of your good fortune during the coming year?


Turn all the old traditions into spells to make your wishes real.
Find out about:
  • Yuletide’s older meanings
  • The Christmas Tree
  • Christmas pudding magic
  • Holly, ivy & mistletoe
  • Wish on a star
  • An enchanted crib


The word ‘yule’ comes from ‘joy’, so this has always been a jolly season, full of festivity.  In the old days people celebrated the Midwinter Solstice.  This is the time when the sun is at its farthest away and seems to ‘stand still’, which is the meaning of ‘Solstice’.  Yuletide is the few weeks around this time, when it’s always been traditional to cheer up the darkness with lights and frolics.
When Christianity took over, the Midwinter Solstice was purposely chosen as the time to celebrate the birth of Christ.  There is no historical reason to believe Jesus was born at the end of December.  However, the message of hope and renewal with the birth of a wonderful baby is spot on for Yuletide.  
Just as the season is turning so your life can be turned around.  Use the traditions in a personal way to make 2019 your best year ever.


The Christmas tree is a very old Yuletide tradition.  An evergreen tree proves that life goes on even in the depth of winter.  However, in times gone by it wasn’t just a tree that was decorated.  Poor people would gather a branch from the woods to bring home and deck with fruit, pine-cones and other symbols of fertility, to bring happiness.
You can use your tree as a special spell to make dreams come true.  It doesn’t matter whether your tree is real or artificial, although a real tree has a greater connection with natural cycles.  Perhaps best of all could be your own fallen branch that you find when out walking.
Each item you put on your tree can bring you what you want because it focuses your wish and the magic of the season.  For money, hang green and gold baubles.  For love, a red heart.  A hobby-horse can bring travel, Santa means gifts of all descriptions, a star for hope, a silver moon intuition, a golden sun success.  If you want to boost your health, green leaves bring healing.  Blue baubles create calm while purple brings wisdom.  
Use your imagination to pick the symbols that are right for your wish.  You could combine more than one, if you prefer.  For instance, passing an exam could be purple for being wise, gold for succeeding and blue for calm during revision and being tested.  If you want to be totally specific, write your wish on red paper and tie into a scroll with green and gold ribbon.  Anoint the tips of the paper with oil of frankincense, to make it more powerful.
As you hang your item on your tree, imagine your wish coming true.  Finally, complete your magical tree by fixing your fairy on the top.  Every time you look at your tree, let yourself dream about your amazing year to come.


Turn your Christmas pudding into a dish that nourishes your whole life with a little magical help.  It’s worth making your own pudding because this is quite simple and involves little more than stirring together some luscious ingredients.  Pick an easy recipe using an earthenware bowl and a wooden spoon.  
When everything is thoroughly mixed, stir three times and make three wishes.  Get each member of the family to do the same thing.  Sterilise some five pence pieces to put in the pudding, spoon the ingredients into a heat-proof bowl and steam for the required time.
As the water bubbles, imagine all the power going into your spell.  When you dish up, everyone is part of the enchantment and extra special luck is on its way for anyone who finds a coin in their portion!


All plants have special powers if we can open ourselves up to them.  Three special plants for Yuletide include holly, ivy and mistletoe.  All of these can help you with friendship, romance and creativity.
Holly and ivy are ‘magical mates’, with holly being masculine and ivy feminine.  Entwine these together for happiness and harmony.
Mistletoe is a very special plant because it doesn’t grow on the earth.  It takes root in trees and was believed to connect earth and sky, mind and matter, Goddess and God.  It brings creative inspiration as well as fertility and romance.  We all know about kissing under the mistletoe, but you should leave your mistletoe hanging all year, to keep the good luck flowing.  Just replace it the following Yuletide.  Make sure you hang some over your bed and also over your desk or craft space, to bring you big doses of love and inventiveness.


A star brings a familiar Yuletide message, and we all know the Three Wise Men followed one to find baby Jesus.  Let your own star lead you into better times.
The good thing about the longer nights is that the stars are out earlier!  If you have a special wish, sit and think about this as the sun goes down.  Look out for the first star that appears and when you see it, make your wish powerfully, asking that the Cosmos grant it and that it will shine bright for you over the coming year.
Do this at the Solstice itself if you can.  But if the weather is cloudy, don’t worry.  Just pick a clear evening as close to December 21st to perform your star charm and bring hope into your life.


Setting out a crib at Yuletide can mean many things as well as the birth of Baby Jesus.  Arrange your crib being aware of the symbolism.  The crib building brings security and comfort.  As you place it on your cupboard-top say ‘With this crib I create good cheer in my home’.
Place the animals in the straw asking for the strength and instinctual wisdom they hold, place Joseph for protection and Our Lady for all manner of blessings, for she symbolizes the ancient goddess as Great Mother who nurtures us all.  Write your heart’s desire on a scrap of paper and place it under the manger.
You can put the magical Babe into the manger at the Solstice if you wish – this occurs on December 21st.  But Christmas Day is also perfect, for that’s when the Sun starts to visibly return.  As you place your Baby in his cot, affirm that your wish is being ‘born’.
Keep a candle or night-light (in a safe container) alight, near your crib as much as you can, to empower your wish, and ask Mary to grant it.  You can call this little spell a ‘prayer’ if you like the term better.  Either way you are making clear what you want, and that’s the way to achieve it.


We’ve looked at several Christmas traditions that can be spells.  These include your Christmas tree, pudding, plants, star power and crib.  All of these can cheer and strengthen you, making your Yuletide extra vibrant.

However, if you’re finding the idea of Yuletide a bit daunting and you haven’t quite the heart to do spells, other help is at hand.  Call one of our team of insightful Readers and learn from them just how magical your life can be this Yuletide.
PUBLISHED: 01 December 2018
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