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Your Pet's Psychic Powers


Do you ever get the impression that your dog knows when a family member is on their way long before you do?  Or that your cat senses when you are poorly?  There are many documented cases of animals manifesting psychic powers, and there’s no reason why your pet shouldn’t have those special abilities.


Animals and humans have a long history of living together and communicating.  Hunters have been helped by their dogs, riders guided by their horses and, in folklore, cat ‘familiars’ inspired witches in card divination by picking out the significant card with their paw.

In this article we will be looking at:
•    Evidence for psychic pets
•    Animals and healing
•    How to increase your pet’s psychic powers

Maybe if you observe your beloved pet closely you will realise they know more than they seem to.




The majority of pet owners will probably tell you their animal often just ‘knows’ things.  There are many documented cases of extra-sensory perception, displayed by animals:
•    Dogs who know when their owner, or special person is on the way home.  This has been shown to happen when the person is coming from many miles away – the dog reacts when the loved individual has decided to get going.  There are cases of dogs reacting to the decision to head home, and cases where dogs have registered a change of mind on the part of the person they were waiting for 
•    Cats also show signs of knowing when their owner is going to return.  This has happened even when the humans present had no idea the owner was on the way
•    Horses have shown similar behaviour
•    Parrots, chickens and geese have been observed reacting to the impending arrival of a human they love and/or who is going to feed them, regardless of routine or time of day
•    Dogs have started howling when the human they love has died.  This has occurred even at distances of thousands of miles, such as during the Falklands War
•    Cats have been documented make strange sounds and running to the telephone when news of an accident is about to arrive
•    Cats have been summoned telepathically by their owners
•    Dogs have responded directly to telepathic command, without any gestures or facial expressions
•    Dogs and cats have found owners who have moved far away, in circumstances where chance and scent could not have been the cause




Your pet’s psychic powers may be your best defence against illness, and a natural healer when you are under the weather.  Animals have a soothing, therapeutic presence.  This reduces your stress-levels, enabling you to combat disease.  Just stroking your dog can calm you and make you see the world in a different light.  The simple, joyful way animals react to their environment, and the affection they give puts a bright perspective on life.

People who have pets live longer, and are healthier than those who don’t.  Patients coming home following heart surgery have better survival rates if there is a pet waiting for them.  The purring of a cat is at exactly the right frequency for the human body to respond positively.  Your cat purring on your lap can reduce blood pressure, relaxing you very deeply.

Animals are also very good at diagnosing illness.  Dogs have been shown to be able to smell cancer, and there are people whose lives have been saved through heeding the behaviour of their pet.  One woman’s dog repeatedly pawed her breast until she had a medical examination and was found to have breast cancer. 

Animals may rub against you when they know you are ill.  If your pet repeatedly behaves differently towards you, nuzzling, whining, miaowing or whatever, take special note of your health and look after yourself.





If you want to enable your pet psychic powers to develop, try the following:
•    Ensure the bond between you and your pet is good by showing them love and affection.  Try to respond to their needs in a sensitive way.  If you are training a dog make sure you receive good advice and are able to enter into the world of your dog
•    Watch your pet’s behaviour.  Do they behave differently when someone important is likely to be on their way home?  How about illnesses, accidents, trips to hospital?
•    Keep a journal of your pet’s behaviour.  If they deviate from their routine or show distress or excitement, note the time.  Does this tie in with any significant events in the lives of their ‘special’ humans?
•    Observe how your pet reacts if you are upset or under the weather.  Is your cat more eager to climb onto your lap?  Does your dog stay close and attentive?
•    If you feel ill, stay especially close to your pet and spend extra time with them.  Can you notice that their presence makes you feel better?
•    Try some telepathy with your pet.  Think clearly about your intention to feed them.  Make sure you don’t give away your intention by anything you do.  Try this at a time of day when you wouldn’t usually feed them, so any response isn’t just routine.
•    If your pet seems to realise, telepathically, that they are going to be fed, move on to simple telepathic commands, such as ‘Come here.’ Once you get this sort of reaction from your pet you will know they do indeed have psychic powers



In this article we’ve looked at evidence for psychic pets, their healing abilities and how to develop their talents.  Even if you don’t see any sign of your pet being psychic, keep an open mind.  Your pet may know more than you realise and one day this may become apparent.  Meanwhile, you can be sure that just being with them is doing you good!


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PUBLISHED: 5 January 2016

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