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Your Number Three


So you’ve checked out your Five Formulas and Number Three figures in your make-up.  Find out now how that shows in your life. For information you can also take a look at 'Your Introduction to the Amazing World of Numerology'.



At the middle of a laughing crowd, there’s usually something happening around you – and if not there soon will be.  You love to see smiling faces and so you’re top of the guest-list.  Although you come on like the typical party animal, sometimes you get bored and drift into your dream-world.  When that ‘can’t be bothered’ feeling strikes, you can be a bit of a couch potato.  Yes, you like to play and you can be child-like, but that’s not the same as ‘childish’ – deep inside you have the wisdom to realize that playing is how we learn.  The world of arts and entertainment offers you outlets for self-expression.  Be careful not to over-stretch or over-commit and don’t worry about sharing the limelight.

You can out-sparkle anyone, so be generous – you don’t need to make fun of others to generate a giggle.

•    Make the most of every chance while it’s there – don’t wait to be ‘in the mood’.
•    Don’t listen if anyone says do one thing at a time – you need to flit about, but remember to complete what’s important.
•    Bite your tongue before saying anything negative.
•    Never fret about lost opportunities.  Grab what’s going on now.


Your primary drive is to express yourself and to lift others.  You see yourself as making the world a nicer place, not through rules and ideals but with shared schemes, games and enterprises.  Freedom is essential to you, so you can answer when opportunity knocks and act spontaneously.  Brainstorming is one of your talents – you love lots of crazy notions being batted about, because within all of them will be something amazing.  Not that you’d ever be contented – for you there’s always something even better round the corner.  In fact you rarely feel you’ve achieved enough, been fantastic enough or discovered enough.  You need to choose a path that will give you flexibility, and while deadlines energize you, space to play is still essential.

•    Express any talent you have – sport, writing acting.  Just because it’s second nature doesn’t mean it’s not special.
•    Always have a project on the go.
•    Don’t tell yourself you have to stick to a path that’s become unfulfilling – always have the courage to change.


It often seems as if your heart is bursting with joy.  There’s so much to love in life that you throw yourself into it.  A great hedonist, your way of being spiritual is to celebrate the world by reveling in it.  Dwelling on sadness and negativity isn’t for you ‘ ‘moving swiftly onwards’ may be your favourite saying when things get gloomy.  You aren’t being superficial, you’re just on a mission for the silver lining.  One of your greatest gifts is your ability to live in the moment.  A child at heart, you probably love being with children and animals.  You long for your own playmate, but your light heart can be taken for ‘light-weight’.  Keep trusting to luck, because what you need will find you.  Here are your mantras:

•    Happiness is a choice, not a gift.
•    What I love is all around in earth and sky.
•    Laughter is the best medicine
•    Where’s the party?


So much to do, so little time.  Your brain is a-buzz with possibilities, but you don’t always feel free to develop them.  It may seem as if you’re surrounded by long faces, waiting for your cheer-up routine.  When you were a child you may have been expected to act the clown and while you were probably good at this, inside you may have felt a tad empty.  Others may be jealous of you, but you still have a sneaking fear of losing centre-stage.  Probably you are thought of as talented, but what people admire in you is not always what you find fulfilling.  Loving to be popular, you may sacrifice your inner drives to please others – bad move!  Be your true self, then you will be happy and genuinely adored. 

Develop a bit of real ‘I don’t care’ as you follow your dreams.  Be creative and you will find your place in the sun.  lLearn these lessons:

•    The only applause worth hearing comes from those who genuinely understand you, and from your own heart.
•    Never waste energy or pretend not to care what you do.


Superficial?  So what!  If you could help the starving millions of course you would, but as you can’t, hey! – what’s everyone doing Saturday night?  You love to wear the latest gear, dance like a pro, turn heads and dazzle.  Actually you’d like to be famous, but you’re not sure what for.  For now you’re happy just fluttering about.  You have a wicked tongue but you don’t mean to hurt – people shouldn’t be so sensitive.  You’ll put in effort to bring timid souls out of their shells.  Never judgemental, you’re easy to be around, but if you have more ‘serious’ numbers in your make-up you may be uneasy about your shallow image.  Remember, a bit of sparkle never hurts and it doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t tackle deep stuff when necessary.

•    Talent is common, confidence rarer, so believe in yourself
•    Always say ‘sorry’ if you’ve hurt someone.
•    When you want to impress, keep it simple and easy
•    ‘Be in it to win it’ is your best motto.
Check out the other numbers in your make-up.  You’re a blend of several numbers, so THREE won’t be the entire picture.  Meanwhile, for help in the way you run your life and insight into your abilities, call our inspiring readers at The Circle and feel encouraged.


PUBLISHED: 28 November 2014



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