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Your Face Is Your Fortune


Luck isn’t simply a question of beauty. There are certain features in your face which can foretell good fortune – or otherwise. Learn what to look for in yourself and your friends and family.


Check out the hidden meanings in your:
  • Forehead
  • Nose
  • Eyes
  • Mouth
  • Chin
  • Cheekbones
  • Ears
  • Smiling


A smooth, high forehead is generally a good sign. It means that your parents care for you. Coming lower down on the forehead, if your flesh is smooth and firm it means that your siblings will bring good fortune. Any indentations could mean they could be a burden on you.
A round, high and protruding forehead indicates you’ll be wealthy and powerful. Generally a wide and prominent forehead is a good sign. It’s important to look after your forehead, keeping the skin smooth and free from blemishes – you can maximise your luck by looking after this part of your face. Moles here are acceptable, unless they are dead centre, in which case they should be removed. Any black moles should certainly be removed.
Finally, the area between your eyebrows should be free from hair and free from vertical frown lines. Affluence and influence are indicated by a radiant look to this part of your face. This is also the area of the Third Eye and should be clear as possible to free your intuition.



Noses should ideally be round and fleshy and the nostrils neither too large or too small. A large nose, even when it looks out of proportion to the rest of the face, is a good indication as it draws wealth from many different sources. Moles or spots here are bad news, however, so keep the skin on your nose in the best condition possible.




It doesn’t matter too much whether your eyes are large or small, or what colour they are. It’s their vitality which counts. They should be shining and slightly moist if you want to be lucky. Above them, your eyebrows should be well-arched and not overly plucked or shaved. Good, curved eyebrows show you can climb upwards in the world.



Again, the size of this feature does not matter, but its general appearance certainly does. It should be soft and moist. Moles around the mouth are auspicious, as long as they are not black, and signify that you will never lack good food!
A fantastic boost to your fortune is something called the ‘phoenix pearl’ – a slightly rounded protrusion just over the top lip. This gives you the gift of the gab and ensures you can always talk your way into anything you want. A fuller bottom lip indicates strong ambition.



It’s better not to have a receding chin as this isn’t an indication of strength and could mean difficulties in old age. The best chin to have is one that is protruding and prominent. This gives you a solid base in life and may indicate longevity.



Model cheekbones that you can almost hang your coat on are not such a good indication as they indicate a possibly restless, over-assertive character. For best luck cheekbones should be fairly prominent, bright and shiny. They should ideally look good enough to pinch!



Well-proportioned ears indicate wisdom and good fortune. The higher the ears are placed the earlier will success come in your life, while if they are low, the top of the ears only just level with the eyes, then success may be modest, or delayed. Long lobes are a good sign, indicating long life. Large hollows to the ears mean a strong intellect. One especially lucky sign is when the ears are a lighter colour than the rest of the face.




It may be that your face shows few signs of good fortune, but don’t let this get you down. There is one simple yet very powerful way to make your face the luckiest ever – that’s to smile! A beaming smile cheers everyone up and opens the doors to the good and great as well as the humble and everyday. It also fills the smiler with wonderful vibes. So practice a wide, toothy grin and you’ll always be lucky!




Examining your face feature by feature can give an indication of how lucky or not-so-lucky you may be, and we’ve looked at each of the features for clues. However, we know that the true way to good luck is to make your own. Make the best of your face but also remember that thinking positive will increase your luck. For in depth and personal insight into all aspects of your fortune, just call one of our intuitive Readers and get a spot-on idea of what gifts Destiny holds for you.



PUBLISHED: ? March 2017

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