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Which 'Clair' Are You?


Do you believe you aren’t psychic because you can’t see spirits?  There are many other types of sensitivity and maybe you’ve been ignoring yours because you don’t realize its importance.  Check out all of the clairs and see which applies to you.


CLAIRVOYANT – this means that you can actually see subtle energy, or spirits.  These might be dead people, angels, spirit guides, faeries, symbols auras, orbs, scenes from the past or future, images in a crystal – whatever.  The images might appear as if to your actual eye, or to your inner eye.  Often they may seem to arise as if from nowhere.  If you are doing something else it is easy to dismiss them as daydreaming, but take note and they will start to make sense.

CLAIRAUDIENT – this means you hear voices of spirits and/or have mental conversations.  When this ability awakens you may hear your voice called, just as you drop off to sleep.  You may also ‘hear’ the thoughts and feelings of others, and ‘hear’ energy, like wires buzzing.  As you develop you may hear wonderful music – some people believe that the great composers actually received their most beautiful and enduring works straight from angelic realms!

CLAIRSENTIENT – if you pick up other peoples’ emotions and feel your stomach tightening or skin prickling in reaction, if some places make you unaccountably depressed, or cheerful, then you probably have a measure of clairsentience.  This is a finely-tuned, acute type of empathy, where you are experiencing the feelings of others, and of discarnate entities, and also the imprint of powerful emotions from the past.  This can be exhausting, and you need to protect yourself by prayer and visualization.

CLAIRCOGNISENCE – this is a process of ‘just knowing’.  When you get that sensation that you ‘know’ something is a fact, like a friend has had an accident, or passed a test, or got a job.  Or you may know who is on the end of the phone when it rings.  If spirits are close, you simply know, as if they had told you.  It’s a good idea to record those knowing moments so you respect them, and recognize them more regularly.


 CLAIRANGENCE – this is the receiving of knowledge through touch.  When you hold a piece of jewellery, for instance, you get impressions about the thoughts of the owner, and the events surrounding them.  When you touch walls, standing stones, trees etc. you may get impressions of the historical events associated with that place.  This is also called ‘psychometry’, and can be practiced in a group, where you pass around objects and record impressions, to be checked out later.  If you have this ability well developed, you need to be careful about second-hand articles, for they could affect you powerfully.

CLAIRGUSTANCE – it is not unusual to taste energy.  If certain circumstances, places or people give you a taste in your mouth that you cannot explain, then you are ‘clairgustant’.  You may be so tuned in to another individual that you taste what they’re eating, you may be aware of ghosts through taste (as in for instance ‘Granddad loved mints and when I feel him close I can taste them’) or angelic presence may induce a sweet taste.  If someone is very ill, or unhappy, the taste may be sour.  This is a clair that it can be all too easy to reason yourself out of, so be aware of your taste buds.

CLAIRALIENCE – allied to clairgustance, this is the sense of psychic smell.  When a spirit is close you may smell perfume, or cigar smoke.  Sometimes the presence of a relative who has passed on can be sensed this way.  Smell is the most primitive of the senses and may be the most easy to tune into, psychically, but, as always, you have to be aware.

Why not practice the ‘clairs’ when you’re at important locations, or with significant people?  Always make notes and check out your findings.  Soon you will recognize which is your strongest ‘clair’, although of course you will probably have more than one.  

But if you need answers more quickly, or are concerned about your experiences, contact one of our knowledgeable readers at The Circle, to put things into perspective.


PUBLISHED: 03 February 2014

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