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Weather Fairies


Have you ever wondered if the breeze is alive, heard the soft whispers of drifting snow, or marveled at patterns in ice, painted by Jack Frost?  Then you’re aware of the Weather Fairies – spirits at work in the air around us.  In olden times witches were believed to be able to influence the weather, maybe by calling up the right fairies to do their stuff.  Sir Francis Drake was believed by some to be able to control the winds, summoning the storm that shattered the Spanish Armada.  If you’ve ever wished for rain to water your garden, wind to dry your washing or even a blizzard, so the kids can have a day off school to sledge down a local hill, make friends with the weather fairies, and do your bit for global warming at the same time!




As autumn takes hold, so the Fog Fairies come into their power.  A trip to the Otherworld may be easier, when all is shrouded in mist.  Eerie wreaths often swathe barrow-mounds and stone circles, and where a gap appears, there you could slip into Faerie.  One of the best known fog fairies is the Tiddy Man of the East Anglian fens, in the UK.  Before proper drainage the fens were largely underwater.  Tiddy Man controlled this water and the mists that emerged from it.  At night he appeared wearing a long grey gown.  When the waters rose people would call on him to calm them.  Eventually the Fens were drained and Tiddy Man was so angry he brought sickness to children and cattle.  Just a superstitious story?  Or are tales like this a warning not to mess too much with the eco-system?  Be that as it may, the mist has gifts for you, for it brings images of the past and future.  As you stroll in it, note your passing thoughts, for these may be clues about other worlds, passed to you by the Fog Fairies.




Known as Folletti in Italy, these mischievous sprites love to raise a tempest, so they can travel far and wide.  They get into houses through cracks and make rattling noises.  They also love to blow up the skirts of girls.  Some, called Mazzamarieddu are more sinister, roused by the blood of a murder victim and causing storms and earthquakes.  Wind fairies have been demonized, because we don’t like anything we cant control.  Much better to respect the Wind Knots and whistle for them when you’ve hung out your washing.  Hopefully they will bring a brisk breeze – but please not a hurricane!




He is a Russian fairy who was believed to wrap travellers in his icy embrace, so they fell asleep and died of cold.  Through the bare trees he leapt from branch to branch, snapping his fingers, and as he passed every twig would be painted white.  Like so many fairies he is impressed by good manners, so respect the earth as you travel, especially when the weather is icy.  He has a benevolent side, for he also appears as Father Christmas.  On New Year’s Day he rides through Russia with gifts for all the children.  Of course this means the earth’s ‘gifts’ that come from the cycle of the seasons.  We need winter’s cold as well as summer’s warmth to have a balanced climate.  Father Frost is a reminder to make the best of all weathers, so look for pictures in his patterns.  Are you being given a message?






Like many fairies Thor was once worshipped as a mighty god, and you can still experience his power, when the thunder rolls.  He had a magic hammer called Mjolnir with which he broke the ice each summer, and he wields the thunderbolts, ruling lightning, thunder, rain and winds.  He is an image of the awesome power of nature, and a friend to humans despite being fierce.  When you hear the thunder roll it’s a message of courage.  Many people feel energized watching a thunder-storm, but you can call on Thor anytime – just look to the skies and ask for bravery.  Can you hear that rumble in the distance?




Each time it rains you’re surrounded by a host of elemental sprites, so don’t shrink under your umbrella for raindrops can awaken your spirit and refresh your soul.  In fact, dancing in the summer rain is a very sensuous experience.  Rainbows are especially magical, making a bridge to the Otherworld, so when you see one, make a wish and fill your heart with gratitude for sun and water.




In Northern lands there are many stories about how the Snow Queen could lure people away from those they loved, binding them in her glistening but inhuman palaces of ice.  Every snow-flake is a kiss from the Snow Queen, but don’t be seduced.  You can’t follow where the Snow Queen leads, if you want to keep your life, and humanity.  Yet if you open your imagination, you will catch a glimpse of her realm.  If you long for snow, face north and whisper a welcome to the Queen.  We need a sense of wonder and mystery, for it motivates us to preserve our planet, even when it is inconvenient and dangerous.  Far more perilous to rouse the Snow Queen to anger – who knows what a backlash to global warming could entail?

These days we regard Weather Fairies and such like as nothing but stories for children.  As rational adults we tell ourselves we know better, but the Weather Fairies are a route to the wonderment that will encourage us to respect what is much stronger than we are – namely the forces of Nature.  So look out for these fairies and bring some magic into your life.  If at any time you are puzzled about fairy activity, or if you feel lonely and would like to be connected to the Otherworld folk, get in touch with our intuitive readers at The Circle who will have all the help and information you need.


PUBLISHED: 17 November 2014

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