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Water Magic


Water is an amazing element about which we still don’t know everything.  Water is affected by the thoughts and feelings of people close by – if you say (and think) ‘Love’ to a glass of water and then freeze it, the crystals it forms are beautiful and balanced, but if you shout and send negative thoughts, the opposite happens, and the crystals are jagged.  The presence of water seems to encourage spirits, as if they can use the dampness in the air to manifest.  Many lakes and rivers are haunted.  Two thirds of the earth is water, the same proportion as in our own bodies, and it is water that carries all of life.  Using water in your rituals brings about positive changes, for water will hold your intentions and help carry them out.





Ancient pagan people venerated wells because they represented the breast milk of the Earth Mother.  Each well and spring was a sacred place, where the Goddess showed her presence and that she cared.  Because of this wells were often ‘dressed’ with gifts and garlands at festival-times.  Anyone who needed healing would tie a piece of cloth on a tree close to the well, to connect themselves with the life-giving energies.  This is still done today in many places, and you can certainly use a local well or spring to bring you what you want.  If you are struggling to recover from an illness or injury, hold a small handkerchief between your palms and pour your troubles into it.  Tie your handkerchief to a bush near the well and ask the Mother to heal you.  If there is a wish you want granted, write it on a handkerchief and tie this near the well.  Always treat the environment with respect, using only biodegradable fabrics like cotton or wool – never plastic – leave no litter and never pollute the well.




Rivers and streams, always in motion, find their way down to the sea, ever changing, ever-renewing in a continual cycle.  To bring creative change into your life, make a little boat from paper.  On a small, separate piece of paper, write the thing you want to transform, such as disappointment, loss, loneliness etc.  Place the paper in the boat, and launch the boat onto the flowing water.  As it bobs downstream, affirm that what you want to be free of has now departed and is going through a ‘sea-change.’  Be patient and in time you will see positive movement in your life.




 We all know we should drink plenty of water.  However, the type of water you drink is very important.  Water that has been too long in a plastic container, that has gone stagnant or that has been hanging around near negative people or circumstances won’t do you nearly as much good.  Turn the water you drink into a life-giving elixir by leaving it in sunlight for an hour.  Turn it into a potion to boost your intuition by exposing it to moonlight, also for an hour.  Say words over water that you want to absorb – try ‘love’ ‘peace’ ‘confidence’ ‘creativity’ or whatever – and repeat them while you imagine the word manifesting.  Do this at least three times, and then drink the water.  If you do this repeatedly you’ll soon see a change for the better.




Whether you are a Christian or not, holy water from a church can have an uplifting effect on you.  This is because it has been blessed by a priest or vicar who is able to act as an intermediary for divine forces.  Touching holy water to your forehead and lips is a great way to feel cleansed and energized.




When friends are around usually you will offer them a drink.  But you can give them even more if you have water that you have blessed to put in their cups and glasses.  Place some spring water, or filtered water, in a glass or pottery jug.  Ask whatever deity you believe in to be with you, and think thoughts of love and happiness.  Using your finger, now make a sign over the water – this could be a cross, circle, five-point star or any symbol you feel is sacred.  As you do this, imagine a pure light going into the water.  Use this water for cordials, place a droplet or two in cocktails and top up cups of tea and coffee with a little drizzle.  (N.B. don’t boil the water you have consecrated). Your gathering will go well, with warm hearts and laughter, and each guest carrying a special wish home with them.

Water magic can be very helpful if you are troubled, poorly and/or alone.  However, there is nothing like a wise and helpful person to talk to and there are many available to you right now!  Call one of our readers at the Circle and be encouraged and heartened in a few moments.

PUBLISHED: 28 October 2014

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