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How To Use Your Intuition


Although we don’t always use it, we all have the gift of intuition. Learn how to use yours for a happier, more successful life.
Find out:
  • What intuition is
  • How to recognize it
  • How to boost it
  • Ways to put your intuition into action




‘Intuition’ is often called the sixth sense. It’s an ability to know things without physically perceiving them. No-one really has discovered why intuition works, but it can be a great advantage in life to get this heads up from your inner self.
Intuition can give you glimpses of the future, enabling you to avoid danger and make the most of your opportunities. It can also give you insight into people, so you choose friends and partners wisely. If you are developing your intuition you will get ‘feelings’ about all sorts of things. When you learn to listen to these, life will go much more smoothly.


Intuition can be all too easily ignored in favour of logical reasoning. If someone or something makes you feel uneasy, you may tell yourself you’re being irrational. This is more likely to happen if those around you have no respect for intuition. So the first step in using your intuition is to honour it.
Intuitive feelings can come as emotions that seem to have no reason, such as anxiety, sadness, excitement or joy. For instance, you may spend time with someone who makes you on edge. This person may seem, on the surface, to be relaxed, pleasant and trustworthy. So why are you feeling this? There could be all sorts of reasons. Maybe this person is hiding a deep depression, or maybe they are not sincere and don’t have your best interests at heart.
You might be offered a dream job, yet you feel uneasy. Could it be that the job isn’t all it seems? As you begin to use your intuition you need to be able to sort out your own emotions – such as lack of confidence, nervousness etc. and separate these from intuition.
Intuition could also come as an inner voice, dreams, feeling ‘pushed’ in a direction, just ‘knowing’ or finding you do something automatically, without proper explanation. There are all sorts of ways that intuition can operate and often you might be tempted to reason them away. Don’t do this – your intuition is something to be valued.


There are several ways you can boost your intuition. These include:
  • Daily meditation. Just being calm, sitting in stillness and contacting your inner core for ten minutes a day will silence mental chatter and let intuition come through
  • Contact with nature and animals. A walk in woodland is much better than rituals in candlelit rooms because it makes you feel peaceful and connects you with your instincts
  • Practice a method of divination, such as oracle cards. By doing this you are giving your psychic abilities the chance to express themselves. Keep it simple and keep records – often an oracle can show itself in unexpected ways
  • Record your dreams. Your intuition often speaks to you through these and the more you record them the more you will remember them
  • Notice your physical reactions. If you feel cold or hot, have butterflies in your tummy, feel sick, restless or get unexplained pains, they could be significant
  • Follow your intuition, even when it sometimes proves wrong. By actually asking yourself what you ‘intuit’ and listening to it, you will strengthen it. Think about it, if someone kept asking your advice and then ignoring it, would that empower you? Or would you give up? Face up to the fact that intuition will be wrong at times, but value it and you will discover it guides you correctly more and more




Whenever you have a decision to make to which the answer isn’t obvious, consult your intuition. Do this whether you have confidence in your intuition, or not. This affirms that intuition is important to you and encourages it to flow.
You could consult intuition through oracle cards, through asking a question and then meditating, or by some other route. You might also just resolve to be open to your feelings and see what comes through.
If you aren’t sure how you feel, play for time. Don’t let anyone push you into quick decisions. If you are an intuitive person, you may also be sensitive to the moods and needs of others, and this may influence you. Because of this it is often best to leave the situation and see what ‘comes through’ when you’re alone.
If a decision is important, the old saying tells you to ‘sleep on it’. That’s because your intuition has a chance to make itself known in dreams, or waking up ‘just knowing’. It can also be helpful being in your own space.  
For instance, you may be wondering whether to buy a house. You may be dazzled by the new kitchen and the pleasant attitude of the owner, but when you go off by yourself other feelings could surface and you may realise you aren’t at ease in that place. Similarly with people. A person may be very charming and all your friends may like them, but when you have a chance to reflect, are you really at ease?
Keep a record of your intuitive journey. Each time you ask your intuition, listen for answers even if they aren’t clear and note them. That way you’ll know what works for you and will spot certain meaningful signs about how intuition operates in your world.



Now you can understand what intuition is, recognize it, boost it and put it into action. This will make you stronger and more successful. However, if you’re struggling or are worried about anything, you can always rely on the powerful intuition of our Readers so call today and get the insight you need.



PUBLISHED: 18 June 2018

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