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Understanding Ghosts

In this article we look at the various types of ghost.  What causes ghosts and where are you likely to find them? How can you heighten your awareness of ghosts? And what do you do if you’re troubled by a persistent haunting? At TheCircle we have an enormous fund of advice and expertise for you to draw upon. For now, get your head straight about ghosts by reading on.


Ghosts come with many different characteristics and may, in essence, be very different from each other. In this article we look at:
  • poltergeists
  • ghouls
  • revenants
  • hauntings


Of all the types of ghost, poltergeists are possibly the most ‘proven’. There are many well-documented poltergeist manifestations. ‘Poltergeist’ literally means ‘noisy spirit’. When there is a poltergeist in a dwelling, heavy furniture may be moved and household objects float through the air. Knocks, bangs and gabbling voices may be heard and things go missing, to reappear in odd places later.
One of the best theories about poltergeists is that they are actually caused by strong, repressed emotions of a person in the house. This is usually a teenager. However, one of the best documented (and most serious) of poltergeists happened in 1979, in Reading, Berkshire, UK, to eighty year old Mrs Adams, and her fifty year old daughter Pauline.  It is possible menopausal emotions were behind this, for times of hormonal transition have a certain power, or so it seems. Some may call this an ability to evoke spirits, others say it’s psychokinesis – i.e. moving objects by thought.


Horror films show ghouls as flesh-eating undead. However ghoul, as defined by the author T C Lethbridge is a spirit. A ghoul may not be an entity – more of an atmosphere.  Lethbridge explored how negative emotions can hang around certain places, especially damp ones – he believed that water ‘stores’ emotions. This negativity can drain all your happiness, leaving you exhausted, miserable and pessimistic. 
An example of a ghoul could occur in damp woodland where someone has committed suicide. The sadness and despair hang around and some other desperate soul walks through the wood, is pushed over the edge and also commits suicide – so feeding the ghoul. If you find yourself inexplicably upset by any place, be aware of this and either keep away or go there singing and dancing – with friends – to defeat the ghoul. 


A ‘revenant’ is a ghost that has a consciousness of its own.  It isn’t trapped, or unaware of what’s happening but makes the choice to come back to its old ‘haunts’.  The atmosphere surrounding a revenant may well be a happy one.  It must be remembered that when we die we do not immediately become totally wise.  Sometimes the trivialities of earth existence continue to be attractive, or there may be people we have left behind to whom we feel tied.  Revenants may purposely make contact, or they may not be very bothered about the living.


This is possibly the ‘classic’ type of ghost. It’s the spirit of a deceased human held to earth because of trauma or strong emotion. This type of ghost also has a consciousness of its own, but this may be limited, because the unfortunate spirit is in some way stuck. They may not know where they are, they may not realise they are dead, they may be searching for someone or something, or any of a host of other factors.
Such ghosts have little idea of time. They are held in a kind of limbo, leading nowhere. This is sad and confusing. Add this to possible bad experiences in life – or indeed a particularly distressing death – and you have an unpleasant or disturbing atmosphere in the haunted location.



Some people are hyper-sensitive to ghosts and can see them and/or hear them. Others will never perceive a ghost, maybe because they are not able to, or maybe because they are consciously or subconsciously determined not to. We can all be aware of ghosts, because we aren’t just physical beings. There is a part of each of us that is in the same dimension of reality as the ghost.
To become aware of ghosts, relax and take note of your perceptions. Sometimes you may become aware of a disturbance in the air, like a mirage trying to take shape; or you may hear sounds that you dismiss as pipes rattling or floorboards expanding; you may notice hot or cold, or movement around you; notice also your emotions and what simply comes to mind. If you find yourself feeling sad or angry, or thinking of something for no reason, such as a letter, or ring, or weapon, then that may well be telling you something about the ghost.


Those who say ghosts can’t harm you are ignoring the power of the mind. If you are sensitive, then a ghost can have a strong effect, and actual physical harm caused by poltergeists is well known.
However, there is no need to be afraid. Pray to the god or goddess that you believe in, call on angels and spirit guides, cleanse your home with a sage or lavender joss-stick and put crystals in each room that absorb negativity (onyx) and promote peace (rose quartz).  If you are truly troubled, don’t wait. Call one of our helpful Readers to show you how to deal with this.


The world of ghosts and spirits is fascinating, and we have only been able to look briefly at types of ghost and ways of dealing with them.  Why not take things further?  Look through the many other articles on this website that explain psychic matters. Of course there are times when you need some insight and positive input that you can’t get by yourself, and ghosts can be frightening and disturbing.  Probably you need someone wise and helpful.  If so, don’t worry – at TheCircle we have all that you could wish for in Psychic Readings and Clairvoyant Readings.  Why not call us today, to be connected to a Medium, or Psychic and to feel supported and guided.


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