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Opening Your Third Eye

There are many spiritual teachings about a Third Eye, situated in the middle of your forehead. This corresponds to the Sixth Chakra. Open this to intensify your intuition and find inner harmony.
Learn about:
  • What your Third Eye really is
  • What are the benefits of opening it
  • How to open your Third Eye




Your Third Eye is your Sixth Chakra. The chakras are powerful energy centres within the body, that can be seen and/or sensed by clairvoyants. There are seven chakras in all:
  • Your base chakra at the root of your spine, relating to survival and animal strength
  • Your sacral chakra, low in your abdomen, relating to sexuality and creativity
  • Your solar plexus chakra, relating to individuality and personal power
  • Your heart chakra in your chest, relating to love and connection with others
  • Your throat chakra, at the base of your throat, relating to communication
  • Your Third Eye chakra in the centre of your forehead, relating to intuition
  • Your crown chakra, at the top of your head, relating to spirituality
It is a good idea to work on your entire chakra system, but activating one will also stimulate the others.
Your Third Eye corresponds to glands and centres within your brain that some people call ‘the God spot’. It is situated between and slightly above your eyebrows. It is a powerful energy-centre that activates intuition and clairvoyant abilities.


It is the key to inner and divine vision. Your Third Eye gives you the ability to understand things, people and the whole of existence, with depth and clarity. It is your route to flashes of insight, true creativity and psychic revelation. With your Third Eye activated no-one can lead you the wrong way. However, when you realise you are being misled you will have the wisdom to deal with this compassionately and even to teach others. The sight of the Third Eye brings a wider and more profound view of life, people and meanings.


This will happen slowly. Indeed, it could be somewhat dangerous to open this, or any chakra, abruptly because the rush of energy could be disorientating. As the Third Eye gradually awakens it brings with it the wisdom to cope with the extra knowledge.
  • Become aware of your Third Eye. ‘See’ it as a vertical eye, not horizontal like your ordinary eyes, situated between and slightly above your eyes.
  • Find pictures of the Third Eye – many Eastern deities are shown with this eye
  • Visualise a powerful indigo/violet light coming from your Sixth Chakra/Third Eye. Let this wonderful light surround you. Imagine an indigo laser beam issuing from the centre of your forehead, revealing truths about the world
  • Always realise that you are perceiving truths that are relevant to you, not ‘The Truth’ as if you are receiving a vision for everybody. That could lead to dogmatism and a distortion of your abilities
  • Get in the habit of rubbing your forehead whenever you need insight
  • Meditate daily, visualising your Third Eye opening. You can do this for just five minutes if time is short
  • Affirm that you are open to messages from your Higher Self
  • Always treat as important any ideas that pop into your head ‘from nowhere’
  • Keep away from negative, materialistic people who would love to pour scorn on your beliefs and tell you that you can’t prove them. They are choosing to operate on a baser level than you, and that’s fine for them
  • Avoid sharing your ideas with people who will criticise
  • Avoid sharing ideas in their early stages. Your visions need time to form. Think of them as fragile plants, growing in the indigo light of your imagination
  • Use your imagination! It is the route to true insight and creativity
  • Try not to analyse your efforts until they are complete and do not let your ‘logical’ mind dissect your beliefs and experiences. The logical mind is great for many purposes, but not for extending consciousness
  • Always trust your instincts. If you are attracted to a person or place, follow this. If you are repelled, listen to those feelings
You will know your Third Eye has begun to open when you think with great clarity and events, meetings and achievements seem to flow within your life. You will realise that your intuitions are correct, trust them even more and go from strength to strength. After consciously opening your Third Eye always remember to close it, and any other chakras that may have opened. Do this by affirmation and drinking some water, or eating.





Now you are aware of your Third Eye, the benefits of opening this and ways to do so. Your wisdom, insight and creative powers can now blossom. On the way to this you will benefit from extra instruction and intuitive knowledge, and this is readily available from our skilled team of Readers, so put in a call without delay and begin your journey to enlightenment.



PUBLISHED: 17 January 2018

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