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The Third Chakra



The Third Chakra is called the Manipura Chakra. Manipura can be translated as ‘filled with jewels’.  It is located at the Solar Plexus, above the Second Chakra, just below the first lumber vertebra.  It is coloured golden yellow, the third colour of the rainbow.  It relates to the digestive system, liver, spleen, stomach and small intestines.


  • Transformation – physical (as digestion) and emotional
  • Confidence and healthy self-assertion
  • Will and self-expression
  • Empowerment and individuality


If you experience any kind of digestive problem, this could point to trouble with this chakra.  Eating disorders are related to it, because when we eat we ‘transform’ the food into energy for our bodies.  We’ve all heard the expression ‘gut feeling’, and it is here that many emotions are stored – it’s as if we have a second ‘mind’ in the gut, sensing many basic things that the conscious mind overlooks.  If you feel constantly anxious or fearful, edgy,  nauseous, with a knot in your stomach, then this chakra can’t function well.  Possibly you are afraid to be yourself, afraid to use your power and express your individuality.  Or you may be the other extreme – very wilful and unable to cope with being denied.  Something is not being ‘processed’, certain emotions are being stifled and you may be looking at life from a distorted perspective. 


Our attitudes to food can damage this chakra.  Most people these days have very little knowledge of where their food comes from, how it has been contaminated with countless additives, and how animals have been treated.  We have lost awareness of our position and responsibility in the natural world, forgetting that our digestion is an intimate exchange with the rest of creation.  This is linked with a feeling of powerlessness – like babies we are ‘fed’ by the food industry, trusting that what ends up on the plate is ok.  Eating disorders are common, for these are a subconscious rebellion against control and authority.  Obesity is also rife – another sign that the balance is wrong.


While the Root Chakra is connected to the Element of Earth, and the Second Chakra is Water, the Third Chakra is Fire.  This is a powerful energy that needs to be used responsibly – few of us are aware what we are capable of, and the damage we can do. To strengthen your Manipura Chakra try the following:
  • Fire is an Element that may be seldom seen in our lives.  Light candles or build a fire in a grate or chimenea, and watch how the flames dance
  • Be aware of how you are affected by a sunny day – do you feel energised, uplifted, cheered?
  • Enjoy being out in the sun, whenever you can
  • Develop a sense of your direction in life.  Where are you going?  What do you want to do?  Who do you want to become?
  • Be creative – follow any inspiration that appeals and never criticise or talk yourself out of it
  • Exercise your will by using power to – not power over.  Pick a challenge to confront
  • Think carefully about your physical eating habits and the way you ‘process’ life.  Clean up the former and then look at what you are making of the latter.  Do you see threat and negativity everywhere?  Or do you focus on the positive, letting yourself be ‘fed’ by good experience?  Explore ways of developing a constructive attitude


Opening your chakras is a significant step on your spiritual path.  However, doing this takes time, so start with simply becoming aware of your third chakra.  Lie down and relax.  Concentrate on this chakra, imagining its golden colour and then feeling it drawing energy up through your root chakra and second chakra.  Imagine the chakra glowing and vibrant behind your navel – your own personal ‘Sun’.  You will probably experience a tingling – feel this flow of energy establishing itself.  Just continue to relax, and when you’re ready affirm that all three chakras are closing by visualising this strongly.  Take a drink of water and touch your palms to the earth, to ensure the chakras are closed and you are properly grounded.
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