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The Magic of Gratitude


Gratitude is so much more than remembering to say ’Thank you.’  True gratitude fills your being with joy and attracts more of the same.  Forget counting your blessings and instead learn to live your blessings!  Find out:

  • What is gratitude?
  • How does it link with ancient wisdom?
  • Gratitude and the Law of Attraction
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Using gratitude magically


Gratitude isn’t a grovelling, lowly feeling, where you tell yourself you’re getting more than you deserve and must be thankful.  It has no element of guilt or moral judgement.  It’s simply an outpouring of delight.  Yes, your heart will be filled with the words ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you!’ but this is joyful, and generous.  Gratitude is like love, a wonderful connection with the Universe.





Passages in the Bible and the Koran both make clear the value of gratitude.  In the Gospel of Matthew we read ‘Whoever has will be given more, and he will have an abundance.  Whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him.’ 

What is this thing that we can ‘have’ or ‘not have’?  If this refers to things like health, wealth and happiness, then that could not possibly be fair.  However, the missing word is gratitude.  If you have gratitude then the ancient texts assure you, you will receive more to be grateful for.  If you’re not grateful, then the things you do have will slip away. 

The Koran also states ‘…God proclaimed “If you are grateful I will give you more; but if you are ungrateful verily my punishment is indeed severe”’.  However, this isn’t a ‘punishment’ dealt out by a vengeful deity – it’s simply the Law of Attraction.  Being grateful is a lovely feeling and it opens the way to more ‘lovely feelings.’




These days most people are familiar with the Law of Attraction.  It tells us that like attracts like.  It holds together the entire fabric of reality, from atoms and cells in your body, to the movements of the stars.

In terms of emotional wellbeing, the Law of Attraction works with thoughts and feelings.  If you spend a lot of time feeling miserable because your job is unfulfilling, your house a mess, your relationships unsatisfying and your family a pain, then you’ll get more of the same.  However, if you focus on the good things, such as the lovely chat you had with a colleague, a compliment you received or the fact your partner hung up their towel for once, then those good things will multiply.

Being grateful isn’t an exercise in repressing your emotions.  It isn’t about trying hard not to be angry, resentful or upset.  It’s about acknowledging these emotions, forgiving yourself for them and choosing to dwell on something nicer.  Eventually you may choose to feel grateful even to those negative feelings, for pushing you on in life towards something better.




Practicing gratitude is not about telling yourself you should be grateful when you do not feel it.  It isn’t about trying hard to be thankful for the awful vase your mother-in-law gave you, or the piece of advice you never asked for.  In time you may be able to feel true gratitude for such things, but that’s not for beginners.  Start to practice gratitude by focussing on the things you are grateful for, and expanding this.

  • START SAYING ‘THANK YOU’ – don’t just say this to people when you know it’s expected.  Say this to the Universe.  In the morning, stand by the window, stretch out your arms and say ‘Thank you!’ to the growing light.  Say an inward ‘Thank you’ for anything that makes you in the least bit happy, hopeful, rewarded, comfortable, encouraged, excited, rested, healed…whatever.  Gratitude is a feeling – get used to identifying it, magnifying it by saying ‘Thank you’ and dwelling on it and within it
  • TRAIN YOUR BRAIN.  Our brains are hard-wired to focus on negative stuff, because in the Stone Ages survival depended on this.  But no doubt these ancient peoples also knew a thing or two about magic, and gratitude is part of this.  However, gratitude doesn’t come so easily to the analytical mind, and it can readily run away with itself, dwelling on problems.  So you need to commit to re-train that analytical self by getting in good habits
  • END EACH DAY by listing 20 things that you are grateful for.  If you are used to being negative and life is very bad, then start small, with gratitude for a chocolate bar, or ten minutes to put your feet up.  Even the smallest things are worth gratitude – a smile, a sparkling raindrop on the window, the perfect formation of a leaf…
  • START EACH DAY by counting ten blessings.  Write these down along with why you are grateful.  Say ‘Thank you’ three times, while concentrating on each blessing and feeling that flow of gratitude
  • FOCUS ON PROBLEM AREAS such as your job or relationship by picking out ten things to be grateful for, each day.  This will come more easily when you are used to being more generally grateful.  However, this is not about being grateful for abuse or unfairness – by concentrating on what you can feel grateful for you are empowered, and enabled to move on, when appropriate

Soon you will notice that everything improves – the more grateful you are, the better it gets.




Gratitude works like magic, improving your life throughout.  After a while you will be able to be grateful even for setbacks and disappointments, because these help us to correct our path in life and usually turn out for the best. 

However, gratitude will also enable you to manifest what you want in life in this way:

  • LIST WHAT YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE.  Be as clear as you can, describing feelings and important details so you bring your goals to life
  • BE GRATEFUL FOR THEM.  Feel that emotion of gratitude for the things you want, just as if they were already there in your life.  The more grateful you can feel, the more often you feel it, the quicker your desires will become reality.  Enjoy!



We have examined gratitude, its place in ancient wisdom and the Law of Attraction, and seen how to use it, practically, to create abundance. Practising gratitude can change your life wonderfully, but sometimes you may feel so down and lost that you cannot even begin.  You need help to start you off.  Launch your journey towards well-being and happiness by contacting one of our intuitive and supportive Readers today.


PUBLISHED: 20 July 2016

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