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Palmistry - The Line of Success


The Line of Success – also called the Line of Sun – isn’t found on every hand. Without it life can be a bit hard and it may be more difficult to stay positive. If you have no Line of Success, don’t despair. It doesn’t mean that you can’t make it. However, you may need to practice being optimistic – and smiling! See also 'YOUR INTRODUCTION TO PALMISTRY', 'THE LINE OF HEART', 'THE LINE OF HEAD', ''THE LINE OF LIFE', 'THE LINE OF FATE' & 'WHAT YOUR THUMB SHOWS'.



The Line of Success may start from several places in the palm, but it always ends under the ring finger. This is called the Finger of the Sun, and the mount at its base is called the Mount of the Sun. In astrology the Sun represents self-expression, creativity and confidence. Your Sun Line shows the kind of achievement you can expect.


If you have no Line of Sun you will need to make a special effort to remain cheerful. You could get in the habit of looking on the black side. However, you have loads of other signs that can indicate success, such as your Fate Line and also the length of your Sun Finger. Stay positive.
A well-marked Line of Sun means magnetism, influence and old-fashioned good luck. Honours, rewards and wealth may well be within your grasp.  But it’s important you don’t take anything for granted.
A Line of Sun that starts on the Line of Life brings success in the normal run of life, doing what comes most naturally.
If it is connected to the Line of Fate it suggests you’ll be recognised for your chosen career and that it will go well. You need to put your efforts into your job and any talents you have.
Rising from the Mount of the Moon (i.e. the large, fleshy pad on the outside of your palm, opposite your thumb) can mean your success depends on the moods of others. You have every chance of being well-known and well-liked although this won’t necessarily make you a rich person, unless you are very practical. It can also mean that you make your fortune through your imagination and artistic talent. It’s certainly a good sign to have if you’re an actor, performer, public speaker, singer etc.

 • Rising from your Head Line, your Line of Sun indicates that you’ll make it through your intelligence and education, although this may not happen early in your life.

Rising from your Heart Line, success and happiness come through relationships, although again you may have to wait until mid-life, or later.
Rising from the middle of the palm denotes success after a bit of a struggle.
If the Line of Sun only appears on the Mount of the Sun, then you’ll make it after middle age.  Try to be patient – it will be worth waiting for!
Two or three Lines of Sun running parallel indicate several types of work, or various talents. Try not to scatter your energies, and finish what you start.
An island on the Line of Sun can show an interruption in your success, even a bit of a scandal!
Lines that cut through your Sun Line can mean jealousy and opposition from others. Don’t let them get you down!
ALWAYS REMEMBER that lines on the palm change, and you can affect your success. If you use your talents and stay optimistic, a Sun Line can begin to show on your dominant hand, even if you weren’t born with one.  Imagine the best. 
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