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The Line of Life


The Line of Life tells a great deal about your health and energy. You can glimpse the Line of Life when a person holds out his or her palm towards you, but to interpret it properly, you need to be able to examine it in detail.See also 'OUR INTRODUCTION TO PALMISTRY', 'THE LINE OF HEART', 'THE LINE OF HEAD', and 'WHAT YOUR THUMB SHOWS'.



The Life Line is the line that starts below the forefinger and runs round the base of the thumb, sweeping out towards the centre of the palm, in a large semi-circle, and ending close to, or at the wrist it lies directly over a large blood vessel called the Great Palmer Arch, which is connected to the heart, stomach and intestines.  In years gone by, palm readers believed that you could tell how long a person would live by studying the length of this line, but nowadays we know that we can do a lot to increase longevity through lifestyle and modern medicine.  Study your own palm so you feel sure where this line is.


The type of Life Line that is considered best is one that is clear and deep, going right round the thumb-base and into the wrist.
A broad, shallow Life Line means you are physically robust, but does not necessarily mean you can fight off infection.
A thin, clear, deep line is a sign of will-power and determination to recover.
A Life Line that forms a definite curve, well out into the centre of the palm gives animal magnetism and zest for life.
If the line runs closer to the base of the thumb, health is more delicate and there is likely to be less enthusiasm and determination.
If the Life Line begins high up on the palm, closer to the base of the forefinger than to the crook of the thumb, then you have self-control and ambition.
A Line of Life that starts closer to the crook of the thumb can mean that you have issues with anger-management and need to think carefully about your direction. 


Do you have little lines going upwards from your Life Line, towards the base of your fingers?  This means that you have lots of energy and ideas for projects and new starts.
Looking closer to your thumb, do you appear to have a second, fainter line that runs parallel with your Line of Life?  This is called the Line of Mars.  Not everyone has this line, but when it’s there it brings greater vitality and resistance to disease.  It is a very good sign, bringing courage and self-assertion, although if it is too deep or red it can mean recklessness.
If the Life Line looks as if it is made up of a chain, this can mean that your health is delicate, especially if your palm is soft.  Take this as a warning to look after yourself.
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