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Palmistry - The Line of Heart


The Line of Heart tells the story of the way you relate, and care about others.  You can glimpse the Line of Heart when a person holds out his or her palm towards you, but to interpret it properly, you need to be able to examine it in detail. See also 'Your Introduction to Palmistry' 'The Line of Head' and 'What your Thumb Shows'. 



This is the line that lies closest to the base of your fingers.  It starts under the little finger and can end in several places, each of which has its own meaning (see below).  Study your own palm so you feel sure where this line is.


If your heart line ends almost on the opposite side of your palm, around the mount below your forefinger, then you fall hook, line and sinker.  You can’t see any fault in your lover.  If you’ve chosen well in your partnership then your dear one is lucky and will probably be very happy.  But be careful you don’t get played for a fool, because you could be badly hurt.
If it ends below the middle of the base of your forefinger, you are very idealistic and warm-hearted, but you are likely to make sure your lover is worthy of you.  You have high standards in relationships and you are faithful.
If it ends between your forefinger and second finger, your emotions run deep, yet you are generally calm.  You balance your own interests with those of your partner.  You may not act lovey-dovey but you are capable of sacrifice for the one you care about.
If it ends under the centre of the second finger you can be a tad cynical, although you’ll stop at nothing to get the person you want.  Once they’re yours, however, you may go off the boil.  If your loved one lets you down you find it hard to forgive.
If your heart line is almost straight, ending under the second finger but not rising towards that finger, you tend to live for yourself.  Maybe relationships aren’t that important to you, but you can still make an effort to create happiness.
If your Heart Line curves down, beneath your forefinger, almost joining with the start of the Head Line, then your relationships are fated and dramatic.
If your Heart Line ends in a fork, one branch beneath your forefinger and the other between your forefinger and second finger, this is a great indication of a happy and fulfilling love-life. 


A Line of Heart that looks like a chain, made up of a crowd of little lines, shows you’re a flirt and have trouble sticking with the same person.
A broken Heart Line can indicate just that – a broken heart.  However, you can recover and find new love if you let yourself.
Lots of little lines coming off the Heart Line can mean an attraction to many different people, or it may mean that partners drain you of energy.
No line of Heart?  It does sometimes happen and it can mean you’re unemotional, although you may be sensual.
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