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Palmistry - The Line of Head


The Line of Head, or Mentality is one of the most important lines on the palm.  You can glimpse the Line of Head when a person holds out his or her palm towards you, but to interpret it properly, you need to be able to examine it in detail. See also 'Your introduction to palmistry' and 'What your thumb shows'. 



The Head Line is the line that runs across the palm, starting midway between the thumb and the forefinger.  The Head Line may end mid-palm or continue so that it extends almost the entire width of the hand.  There are two lines that run across the palm, the Head Line and the Heart Line.  The Heart Line lies above the Head Line, closer to the base of the fingers, and starts below the fourth, or little finger.  Examine your own palm so you have it clearly in your mind which is the Line of Head.  Very occasionally there is only one line, which means that the Head and Heart lines are joined together.  


If there is just one line running across the upper palm, this indicates a very intense person.  He or she will put their heart and soul into getting, or doing, anything they want.  This can be an advantage, or quite difficult, depending on the rest of the personality.  An individual with this unique line won’t necessarily achieve anything very remarkable, for they may be single-minded about trivia.  However, if they really concentrate on the exceptional, they have every chance of getting there.  A single line indicates that the person may be solitary and highly individualistic – they don’t always find it easy to get on with others.


The Life Line runs around the base of the thumb in a wide semi-circle that may sweep out as far as the centre of the palm.  If the Head Line starts joined to the Life Line then the person is more sensitive, cautious and lacking in confidence.  Quite possibly early family life will have had a powerful effect on this person and they may feel a little inhibited and open to criticism.  This doesn’t indicate failure however, for there could also be great determination, especially if the Head Line is straight.  There may be lots of moral courage and the individual may fight for what is right, even though they worry about it all the time!



The Head Line may start at some point between the start of the Life Line and the base of the forefinger.  If the space isn’t very wide it shows independence and confidence, and the ability to ‘shoot from the hip’.  Combined with a straight Head Line this gives a great deal of personal influence.  However, although the person with the separated Line of Head may be capable of brilliance, this only happens if they are able to focus, and have a purpose.  If the Line of Head is also sloping, this ‘purpose’ may be more difficult to find and the individual may be moody and undisciplined.  If the Head Line starts a long way from the Life Line, closer to the base of the forefinger, this person could be pushy and impetuous, always getting themselves into trouble!


If the Head Line runs straight across the palm, parallel with base of the fingers, this shows logical thought and the ability to follow a thread of reason, building up information in an orderly manner.  If the line slopes downwards, the imagination is more active.  If the Head Line is curved, swooping down towards the wrist, then imagination may overcome logic, in extreme cases leading to self-deception and even delusion.  This can also be a sign of a person who is prone to depression.  The ability to be creative and to use imagination constructively is shown by a line that slopes very gently.


In general, the longer the Head Line – i.e. the further across the palm it extends, the stronger the intellect.  However, a short Head Line does not indicate someone who is stupid.  This may be a person whose interests are fairly limited, but who may be excellent in their chosen subjects.
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PUBLISHED: 23 February 2015


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