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The Fourth Chakra



The Fourth Chakra is called the Anahata Chakra. Anahata means ‘unstruck’. This refers to the ability of the heart to hear the vibration of feelings and intuitions, as opposed to a physical note that has been sounded. This chakra is located in the centre of the chest, just about at the level of the heart. It is coloured green, the colour of new growth, which is an appropriate colour for the birth of new feelings within. Physically it relates to the heart and the chest area.


  • Cosmic love
  • True compassion
  • Emapthy and generosity
  • A feeling of one-ness with all that lives


If you find it hard to trust, if you are eternally analysing and doubting, then your Heart Chakra may need attention. Problems with your heart, breathing, or even your arms (for arms reach out to give and embrace) may indicate issues with the Fourth Chakra. If you feel cut off from others, isolated in your head and unable to tune in to the needs of the world, those are Heart Chakra matters. Maybe you feel unloved, or unable to love. Although this chakra isn’t really about personal love (as ‘falling in love’) it does affect your ability to open up to another person, trusting the wisdom of your instincts and willing to give without thought of receiving. If you always say to yourself ‘what’s in it for me’ then this chakra is struggling. 


In our Western culture we tend to respect the intellect, rarely honouring the promptings of the heart. Everything has to be dissected and ‘proved’ before we believe it, and in so doing we often destroy what is worthwhile in ourselves, other people, and Nature. The majority of people feel doubtful, or embarrassed by talk of anything intangible or unseen. Only the evidence-based is valued, things we can create in a test-tube or assemble data about. However, there is a whole realm of experience and knowledge that is accessible only to the opened heart, and it is this that makes life worth living. Such matters are even hard to speak about, because our language does not frame them well. The language of this chakra is, in fact, poetry, which says so much more than prose.


The Root Chakra is connected to the Element of Earth, the Second Chakra is Water, the Third Chakra is Fire and the Fourth Chakra is Air. This light yet essential element cannot be seen, only felt. It is the very essence of life. To strengthen your Anahata Chakra try the following:
  • Connect with the wondrous, mobile Air Element by flying a kite, watching the wind in the trees and seeing how smoke drifts and curls
  • Take deep breaths and be aware how this energises and cleanses you
  • Burn incense and notice how the airborne scent changes the atmosphere
  • Develop a sense of the needs of others. You are connected to all that lives – feel love expand in your chest and flow over the trees, hills and oceans. Let your compassion extend to everyone and everything
  • Send love and light to those parts of the world that need it. Opening your Fourth Chakra doesn’t mean taking on guilt and enduring suffering, but it does mean sharing responsibility
  • A well-functioning Heart Chakra enables you to materialise your wishes. You are connected to the energy all around you and can adapt it to your desires
  • Think carefully about how you breathe and the health of your heart. Make sure you are holding yourself straight and breathing from your diaphragm, not just the upper chest. Look at how you are interacting in a non-physical way, too. What are you absorbing? What are you giving out? Explore ways of increasing kindness and caring.


Opening your chakras is a significant step on your spiritual path. However, doing this takes time, so start with simply becoming aware of your Fourth Chakra.  Lie down and relax. Concentrate on this chakra, imagining its vibrant green colour and then feeling it drawing energy up through your root chakra, second chakra and third chakras. Feel your being expand, this wonderful emerald radiance emanating from you, connecting you with the natural world. You may feel tears come to your eyes, as your higher emotions awaken and you experience joy and gratitude. Just continue to relax, and when you’re ready affirm that all four chakras are closing by visualising this strongly. Take a drink of water and touch your palms to the earth, to ensure the chakras are closed and you are properly grounded.
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