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Learn Telepathy With Your Pet


Many people are convinced their animals are psychic.  For instance, lots of pets seem to know when their owners are coming home.  How can you develop this bond with your pet to improve your relationship and make life better for you both?




There are countless documented cases of psychic ability in pets.  Cats disappear before a planned visit to a vet and animals show distress before the death of someone in the family.  Many dogs and cats wait at the window when their owner is due back.  But that is more than routine – tests have shown that some pets adjust their timing when their owner has changed plans.  So even if their dear human is many miles away and makes a snap decision to be early or late, the pet seems to ‘know’.
It’s quite possible that clever pets are using an ability that is beyond even telepathy.  When departure/arrival times have been decided at random by a computer and not even the owner knows when they’ll be home, still the faithful animal senses the correct time.  This has been observed and reported by the biologist Rupert Sheldrake.
Because of this it should be quite possible for you to connect telepathically with your pet.  Try the following exercises and see what happens.


You are probably a lot more in tune with your pet than you think.  Some of the responses that you take for granted and put down to routine or observation could well have a telepathic element.  For instance, if you change the walkies time for your dog is he/she actually responding to your movement towards the door, the sight of the lead etc?  Or could it be that your dog reacts slightly ahead of your actions, and is in fact anticipating them?
Becoming truly aware of your pet may reveal behaviour that you hadn’t noticed.  Whatever the case, it is good for bonding, and a great start to developing your psychic link.


Why is your pet with you? Is it chance, and simply the fact that you want a fun companion, while the pet wants security and feeding? Or does it go deeper? Did you, in some spiritual way, chose each other? And might your pet be aware that they have a job to do – namely that of connecting you to your own instinctual nature?
When you feel tired, sad or poorly, see how your pet reacts. Chances are they want to be close to you. A cat may sit on your lap, a dog whine, look at you soulfully or lay their head on your knees. Open your heart and feel the love flowing from your pet, a warmth in your heart bathing your whole body. Then send thankfulness to your pet.


Try the following exercises to communicate with your pet:
  • Food is a vital part of your pet’s life. Sit close to them and visualise giving them a tasty titbit, or their entire meal. Imagine the smell as well as the sight, if you can. Do this for as long as you’re able to hold the picture (don’t worry if your concentration wavers – just return to imagining the scene.) When your pet reacts, reinforce the message by actually feeding them. After doing this a few times you should find you get a very quick reaction from your pet.
  • Think of something your pet likes – this could be a walk for your dog, or playtime for your cat. Imagine that you are doing this and see if you get a response. When you do, again reward your pet by carrying out what you’ve been visualising.
  • Once you feel you’ve established a link, you can try telepathic commands. For instance, if you want your dog to come close to you, tell him mentally to do this. If you want your guinea pig to go round on the wheel in the cage, issue that command telepathically, by again clearly visualising this.
  • When simple commands are working, try more complex ones, such as making your dog walk to heel. If the dog doesn’t comply, stop walking, visualise clearly, state the command mentally, and see what happens. Other animals are less programmed for obedience, but you can try simple commands with others too.


Is there some behaviour of your pet’s that you just can’t understand? Maybe they are doing things that upset you, such as being dirty in the house or running away. Don’t try to work it out logically. Let yourself relax and go into a dream-like state, preferably with your pet in the room. Imagine that you and your pet are somewhere peaceful together, such as in a temple, or by a woodland lake.  
When you feel that you are ‘there’ in your mind’s eye, ask your pet why they are behaving the way they do, what it means and what you can do about it. Then listen and watch, patiently. It may be that you get a flash of insight, your pet may show you through some action what the problem is, it may seem as if your pet is talking to you, or possibly a teacher may appear (which could be the same species as your pet!) who will give you information.

Don’t expect to get the full story immediately. Note what happens, put any hints into practice and go back for more wisdom if and when you need it.



We’ve examined signs of psychic ability in pets generally, becoming aware of your pet, being healed, communicating through visualisation and telepathically asking your pet questions. Pets can be a very important part of your life and it can be distressing when the bond isn’t quite right. Or you may feel that you have issues that the healing presence of your pet cannot help with. Don’t forget our empathic Readers have a wide experience of life and in-depth knowledge to apply to any problems you have, so get in touch without delay and feel encouraged and healed.


PUBLISHED: 08 March 2017

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