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Springtime Spells For Love Beauty And Fulfilment


As Spring approaches it’s natural to think more about romance and to want to look your best. Now is the time to attract love and be seductive. So why not do a spell or two?


Spells just mean ‘spelling out’ what you want. Does it make any difference whether it’s some strange power, or just your own subconscious? Join the large number of people who have used spells and found they work – like magic!
Discover these spells:
  • Floralia
  • Spring Full Moon 
  • Cowslip Spell
  • Love Potion
  • Beltane Fire


From the end of April through into the beginning of May the Roman festival of Floralia took place. Flora was goddess of flowering plants and of all that is fertile and beautiful. Her revelries were carried out in the nude, until the 3rd Century CE. This festival was for women of all ages to celebrate their own bodies and natural beauty.
Every blossom is unique, and so is every human body. Flora encourages you not to judge and criticise, but to see the beauty in yourself and to be confident and joyful. This spell is strongest at the start of May, but can work at any time, and it’s simple. Go out and gather some of your favourite blooms, especially bean flowers, for these are the favourite of Flora. Look at the blossoms – see how different they are, yet each one is equally attractive. Remind yourself that you, also, are just as attractive, made in the shape of the goddess.
Run a bath and drop the flowers in it. As you lower yourself into the water, realise that you are one of Flora’s flowers. Lie in the water, telling yourself how gorgeous you are. The aura of seduction will stay with you for days, but you can repeat this spell as often as you like.


There are Full Moons on April 30th and May 29th. Either or both would be perfect for this spell, if the weather is clear.
Stand naked in the light of the Full Moon. Feel it bathing your skin with its silky light. Breathe it in and be aware of the delicate, yet potent sweetness of the Moon’s aura. Imagine the Moon’s silver light penetrating right inside you, and being absorbed by you.
Now ask the Moon for whatever is on your mind. Maybe you want to lose weight. Ask the Moon to take the excess weight with her as she wanes (but always remember to ask for good health at the same time.) Ask for your hair to be made more lustrous, for your skin to be clear and milky as moonlight, for your presence to be magical and your movements graceful as moonbeams. Ask also for a lover, or for the love you have to grow.
Look for an answer – does it seem as if the moonlight brightens? That’s a good sign. If all remains the same that’s ok. If a cloud passes over the Moon that could mean delays or that you should re-frame your request. Never despair – the Moon is the friend of all your instinctual urges. You and she will find a way.


Cowslips grow where the faeries, or nature spirits, are active. The youthful influence of the cowslip will keep you young-looking, if you carry one. Cowslips have a sweet, enchanting scent – breathe it in to banish tiredness and depression, and give your libido a boost.
Cowslips are the favourites of the Norse goddess of love and beauty, Freya. For a real beauty potion gather some blossoms, place them in a glass bowl and pour boiling water over them. When the water cools, strain it and dab your face with some cotton wool, saturated by the infusion. You can also use it for other parts of your body and/or place in your bath.


This potion is best brewed on a Friday when the moon is waxing. During May this will be on Friday 18th and 25th.
You will need a cup of fresh strawberry juice, pear juice and cherry juice (apple juice may be used as a substitute if all else fails), a copper pot, an apple, six cardamom seeds, a vanilla pod, raw cane sugar.
Place all of the juice in the copper pot, with the apple, cut in half crossways to show the five-point star at the centre. Simmer very gently for five minutes, with the spices. If possible keep the apple halves facing upwards. Sweeten to taste with the sugar and leave out in moonlight for half an hour.
You can mix your potion with water or wine and share with your lover. Of if there’s someone you want to attract, place some in a bottle and offer them a few sips….


A simple spell to get anything you want in love, with the help of the god Bel, the bright one, whose festival fell at the start of May.
Simply light a small fire in a firebowl. Even a candle in a sturdy pot will do. Write what you want on a slip of pink paper – this might be new love, to feel more attractive, to move on in a stuck relationship – whatever. Stand facing south with your candle/fire in front of you.
Say ‘Mighty Bel, as the Sun rises to power may my intention come true.’
Burn the paper in the fire and give thanks.



You now have five spells to choose from – Floralia, Spring Full Moon, Cowslip Spell, Love Potion and Beltane Fire. These should help to improve your self-esteem and your love-life. However, if you need more support and guidance it’s always available. Just call one of our Readers and your romantic life will be sorted.



PUBLISHED: 25 May 2018

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