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Seven Spiritual Lessons To Learn From Your Pet

We all love our pets, but what is it that makes that human-animal bond so special? Your pet can give you many things, but the most precious gifts may be spiritual ones.
In this article you will learn how your pet can bring you closer to:
  • Being in the moment
  • Unconditional love
  • Non-judgement
  • The gift of bliss
  • Acceptance
  • Intuition
  • Loyalty





Minfulness has become very popular lately. Becoming fully present in the ‘here and now’ not only stops depression and negativity but paradoxically expands your awareness of the spiritual realms. This is because mindfulness stills the chatter of the ‘monkey mind’, enabling you to experience peace and to become aware of the essence of your being. That may sound very esoteric, but it’s a simple fact for your dog, cat, hamster or goldfish. These creatures totally and completely live in the present. Of course they possess the power of recall, and sometimes events or people trigger memories. But these are fleeting and relatively superficial – very quickly your pet returns to their default state of present moment awareness. Being around a creature who exists like that makes it much easier to be that way yourself. Your pet’s mindfulness will rub off on you, bringing you tranquillity. Just look into those soulful eyes and let it engulf you.




It doesn’t matter if you look scruffy, or if you’re in a bad mood or you’ve just done something stupid, or even if you’re not very kind to them. Your pet just loves you. That love is given without condition – with all your imperfections, you’re adored. Not only can that kind of affection make you feel humble and bring out the best in you – it can also teach you to love that way yourself. How would it feel just to let flow your love for a person in that way? Why not let yourself give, and be lost in the beauty of simply loving? Look for the best in those around you, feel the connection between you, focus solely on what is positive and forget negatives. Your pet can teach you that Love is the greatest force in the Cosmos – in fact it is the Cosmic force, binding together the whole of existence. When you give love like that you in turn are enriched. Of course, it’s hard not to love your pet devotedly – and that’s a wonderful feeling.




Other people may weigh up your good and bad points. They will assess you for how clever you are, how rich or good looking. Even the kindest of people will notice where you live and what car you drive, and make assessments about you. But your pet won’t even think about any of that. Pets relate to your inner essence – they don’t care about what you’ve got or done and they’ll never turn their nose up at you. Your pet can teach you to ignore the superficial and relate to the deepest levels of others.




Spiritual teachings speak of Heaven, or Nirvana, or Paradise – all states or places of total happiness which we can get to at the end of a lifetime of striving. For your pet paradise is here! Just look at your cat luxuriating in a warm spot or witness that blissful look on your dog’s face from something as simple as retrieving a ball. Animals are able to be so absorbed in pleasure that it takes over their whole being. You can be like that, if you experience gratitude for small things and value what you have.




As humans we’re always wanting more, perpetually dissatisfied, aware that things could be better, comparing ourselves with others and striving for some goal far in the future. If we ever reach that goal then chances are we’ll not be satisfied with that, either – what rich person ever feels they have enough? But your cat or dog will make the best of it and be comfortable wherever they are. Animals have the wisdom to adapt, rather than complain. It’s much easier to take a leaf out of their book, be content and make the best of things. That way you find hidden blessings and you don’t waste your energy being resentful. Wanting what you have is an important step towards spirituality.




When does your pet ever stop to work things out in their head? If they meet a new person, do they stand back and try to analyse what they’re like? No, they follow their instincts and they just know. Do they ever withdraw to make notes on a situation and think through their next move? No way, they follow their gut feeling. We would all do better to focus on our intuition, to try to read its signals and follow its wisdom. We could all rediscover the gifts of animal instinct.




You know how much it hurts when friends and family let you down, when someone you thought you could rely on just isn’t there, or the one to whom you’ve given your love leaves you all alone. Develop a true bond with your pet and they won’t do that. Even if your pet is easily seduced by treats and caresses, what you see is what you get.  Animals don’t pretend. In an uncertain world, your pet knows you better than anyone. Give back that loyalty and you’ll feel good about yourself and your sense of values. Being there for a loved one is what it’s all about, and your pet animal truly is a ‘loved one’.




In this article we’ve looked at how you can learn the spiritual gifts of mindfulness, unconditional love, non-judgement, acceptance, bliss, intuition and loyalty from your pet. This can truly uplift you, bringing you closer to enlightenment. For human input, and also to find out more about pets who have passed away or the lessons to be learnt, our team of expert Readers are only a call away. So if you’re puzzled or troubled about anything at all, get in contact and feel reassured in an instant.



PUBLISHED: 24 August 2017


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