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Spiritual Healing


As science reveals more and more about the world and gives us greater control over our lives, ‘healing’ has become just medicine to the majority of people. Doctors tend to look only at the body, the part of us that science understands, while the spirit is left out of the picture. In fact many health professionals believe that consciousness is produced by the brain, and ends completely when we die.


Modern medicine treats the body alone. Although great things are achieved with antibiotics and painkillers, lots of illnesses are resistant to medicine. Many, such as ME, are hard to diagnose, meaning that the patient may be dismissed as neurotic, or attention seeking. In other cases individuals take a cocktail of drugs with multiple side-effects, not quite knowing what is causing what.
Spiritual healing takes account of the fact that we are not just a physical body – we are also creatures of spirit. There are many forms of spiritual healing, using energy-systems that science hasn’t recognised. In this article we look at:
  • What is spiritual healing?
  • Spiritual wounds
  • The healing process
  • Alternative therapy 
  • Astrology 9th house
If you, or someone you care for needs healing, your journey to health may begin here.

Spiritual healing is any form of healing that uses energies not recognised by mainstream science. We are all energy-beings, creatures of light, made up of energies at a variety of frequencies. Spiritual healing uses these energies, clearing blockages and empowering.
There are many types of spiritual healing. Some are part of recognised systems, such as Reiki, where the healing symbols are passed down from Master to Novice. The Reiki practitioner then becomes a channel for healing energies. Others involve simple laying-on of hands, visualisation and affirmation. Prayer and magic can both be forms of spiritual healing. The process may involve unblocking the chakras, working with spirit guides and angels and/or simply talking through feelings.  

As we go through life we all receive wounds to our spirit. These can come through cruelty and neglect, but they may be more subtle. Not being able to express talents, not being loved or valued or in some way able to be ourselves can be very wounding. Loss can leave deep injuries. Even science is now recognising the reality of a ‘broken heart’ and that two years after the death of a loved one, cancer sometimes develops.
The reality is that the mind affects the body. Emotions show up physically – who hasn’t experienced ‘butterflies’ in the tummy, or tension headaches? These are caused by emotions, and long-term stress has been shown to take its toll on the immune system.  If we just treat the symptom – i.e. the physical signs – then the true spiritual wounds remain, and may show up in some other way, down the line.
Spiritual healing targets these wounds, and seeks to heal them. Sometimes this may happen instinctively, as with laying-on of hands. At others the wounds may be sought out and specifically treated. For instance, in shamanic healing, the shaman travels into the spirit world to find those parts of the soul that have split off through injury, and retrieve them
Many spiritual wounds come from past lives. For instance, persistent unexplained stomach cramps could be a far memory of being poisoned, an ache that won’t go away could reflect a war-wound in a former life. A past-life therapist may pick these up.  However, it is not always necessary to be specific. The great thing about spiritual healing is that the healing energies tend to find the place that needs them. 
When you really begin to get better it’s a healing process. Sometimes this may involve trying several different therapies in order to find the one that works. When things happen on an energy level, this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ matter, and just because a therapy does not work for you this doesn’t mean that the therapy is no good – it’s just you need something different.
The healing process can also be called a healing journey. On that journey you may learn valuable things about yourself. Hopefully one of these may be what caused the illness in the first place.
Spiritual healing isn’t there to replace modern medicine, and it certainly does not imply that modern medicine isn’t very effective for some things. If you are ill, your doctor can give you a diagnosis and this may be reassuring and helpful, giving you choices. The many forms of spiritual healing are part of that choice. For true healing you need to be a part of that healing process. Your knowledge and commitment matter.
There are many forms of alternative therapy, and by no means all of them would consider themselves to be ‘spiritual healing’. However, these therapies are usually based on ideas of energies that aren’t mainstream.
Acupuncture, for instance, is based on energy-meridians in the body. Homoeopathy relies on the ‘energies’ of the healing substance being transferred to the water it is dissolved in. Hypnotherapy, which can ‘heal’ disorders like IBS, migraine and ME, works with subconscious energies.
However, therapy that is ‘purely’ spiritual healing usually involves a more abstract approach. Reiki energy is transferred by touch, or from a distance by visualisation. Shamanic healing means an inward journey made by a shaman, to contact your soul. Some forms of healing may be through spirit surgery, where the channeller contacts their guide and through them acts directly on affected parts of the body.
However, almost anyone can do healing, if the intention is right. Place your hands on the one who is sick and imagine divine energy travelling through your body and into the patient. This may be a pure light entering through your crown and flowing out through your hands – your hands may become warm during the process. Visualise the person well, not ‘getting better’ and don’t worry about targeting the illness, for it may not even be the real problem.  General wellness is your goal.
Spirituality is important in all our lives, and it is expressed in the astrology 9th house, in part. If you know about astrology it can be helpful to check out the 9th house of the person who is poorly, in order to see what kind of spirituality may be compatible.
However, when using astrology for healing, the 9th house is one of many areas to look at.  Illness may be shown in the 6th/12th house axis, by the position of the Moon and many other factors.
Your own astrology 9th house will also be relevant in your approach, if you are doing healing.  Make sure that the way you go about it is compatible with your type of spirituality.

Getting well truly is a journey of self-discovery.  In this article we’ve answered the question ‘What is Spiritual Healing?’, looked at spiritual wounds, the healing process, alternative therapy and the astrology 9th house.  If you, or anyone you love, are on a healing journey, be assured there is blessing out there if you are prepared to receive it. So, why dont you contact the Readers at thecircle. 


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