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Many people have heard of them, but not everyone has met their personal Spirit Guides. Sometimes it’s an instant connection, other times it requires a bit more practice. What’s certain is that the more you reach out to try and work with them, the more you will get a response and be able to utilise the divine guidance they provide.


There are many misconceptions when it comes to how Spirit Guides work with the souls they watch, but these pointers should give a broader picture of how Spirit Guides help you in day to day life, as well as how you can increase the bond between Guide and Soul. 


  • Spirit Guides are spiritual beings /essences. They can be ancestors, souls from your past life/lives or even relatives who have passed over this generation. 
  • They don’t have to have personal history with you, but a majority of them will connect to a time period or area you once lived. 
  • Some Guides help you through a certain stage of your life before moving on, some revisit you over the years, and some stay by your side from birth.
They can see what’s going on in your life and try to show you how to react to future events by encouraging your intuition. They don’t always intervene – that would take away your free will and human experience – but when they want to make you aware of certain aspects you may find you experience some of the following;


The most common way for Guides to get in touch with you is to send little synchronicities you may experience throughout the day. For instance, hearing the same phrase several times over the course of one afternoon or the same song keep popping up when you think of something in particular. This also applies if, suddenly, a few key words draw you in to listen closer. 
When this happens pay attention to certain aspects around you. The main reasoning behind signs and signals is to alert you to something you need to understand or take some time to consider. 


This can be experienced as gut instinct and almost divine intervention – for instance, suddenly having a last minute burst of inspiration to change plans and you meet the love of your life instead! This is almost a direct connection to your Guides who will always try and issue direction in the most immediate of moments.  


Sometimes you may discover one person whose fleeting presence into your life gives you the push onto a different path, or encourages a decision to be made. Sometimes a messenger can be recurring, as if they are a bookmark for the important changes which are instrumental to your life’s journey. 


You’ll know you’ve experienced this if you’ve ever considered a moment of your life to be a ‘Sliding Doors’ effect. For instance, if you hadn’t missed the train you would never have bumped into your old friend who told you about a new job opportunity. Or you misplace your keys, making you late, and it turns out in those extra few minutes you managed to avoid a traffic jam. It can be the same in almost any aspect of your life.  
Of course, not everything in life is a sign from your Spirit Guides. It helps to grow your relationship with them to understand when they’re trying to intervene, and when you’re going on your own intuition. 


  • Meditation can truly help you, even if it’s ten minutes a day, to call upon the strength of your spirit guides to enlighten you for whatever event or daily routine you need to complete.
  • If you don’t feel you can meditate, speaking aloud to the Universe will also be heard by your Spirit Guides. You can vent your frustration or even your fears, desires and ambitions. If it’s the right time, you should get a response but it might not be in the way you expected! 
  • Dreaming can also be a key way to interpret messages from your Guides. Try keeping a journal, even if it’s a few words every morning, to recount any dreams you’ve had. You might start to see a pattern or something you need to pay attention to.
  • Speaking of journals, the stream of consciousness generated by writing down your thoughts is similar to meditation. The moment you slip into a rhythm this can bring out your subconscious thoughts and in turn, you could surprise yourself with the conclusion you appear to be drawn to. 
Overall, connecting to your Spirit Guides is an invaluable experience and with their help you can grow and nurture both your visions of the world around you and the key situations which may continue to present themselves.  
If you’re still unsure how to connect to your Guides, don’t worry! Our Readers at TheCircle are able to relay higher meanings which illuminate your way. For assurance and messages straight from Spirit, why not connect with one of our psychics to ask any pressing questions? 


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