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Spells To Boost Your Career


Success in your career makes you feel fulfilled and boosts your self-esteem.  It can give you inspiration, zest for life and a fatter bank balance.  In this competitive and unpredictable world it may sometimes seem quite difficult to find your niche or hit that lucky break.  So why not channel some cosmic help with these four simple spells.


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This spell will help you get a job, a promotion or a place on a course that will advance your career.  It’s best done when the moon is waxing i.e. growing bigger.  Saturday is the best day for the spell.  This is because Saturday is ruled by the planet Saturn, lord of aspiration and achievement.  During July your best day to choose is Saturday 21st, although you can perform this spell at other times if you need to.
You will need a brown candle, some patchouli oil, a brown or dark green drawstring bag, an apache tear (this is a crystal and can be obtained as a tumble stone, but is far better set into a ring), a symbol of the job or position you want (for instance some letter-head paper)
Start your spell by rubbing a few drops of the patchouli oil into the candle.  As you do this imagine yourself getting the position you want.  Place a few drops of oil on the drawstring bag, the apache tear and the symbol.  Place the bag and the stone next to the candle, light it and once again imagine yourself in the desired post.  If you like you can chant the title of the position along with your own name, to help you focus.
When you’re ready put the apache tear and symbol into the bag – your job is now ‘in the bag’.  Light your candle for a few minutes each day until Full Moon, and on the night before any interview.  Take the apache tear with you to any interview.



Resourceful thinking and creative actions are necessary to get anywhere in life.  This spell will give you some extra oomph.  Please note, it is best not to do this spell for two days either side of the solar eclipse on 13th July.
Collect four pebbles – a dark pebble for practicality and concentration, a bluish one for clarity, red or gold for passion and energy and green for calmness and to encourage intuition to flow.  You will also need a large gold or orange candle, some essential oil of orange, an oil diffuser, a gold or orange drawstring bag.
Heat the orange oil in your burner.  Imagine there is a circle of protective energy around you.  Place your candle to the south of your ‘circle’.  Place the dark pebble to your north, the blue in the east and the green in the west.  Starting facing north, ask for and visualise the qualities that pebble represents.  Move clockwise to face east and visualise the qualities represented by the blue pebble, turn south and picture the red pebble qualities and finally turn west, picturing the attributes of the green pebble.
Circle clockwise once more, face south, and as you gaze at the candle-flame imagine you are breathing in all these abilities and especially the fire and energy of the flame.
Circle finally clockwise, gathering up the pebbles and placing them in the bag.  Imagine you are breathing in the energy of the circle and give thanks to the Cosmos.  Keep the bag with you.  Light the candle and place the bag beside it whenever you are doing anything creative.


This spell will attract more people to you, wanting your services.  Even if you are in a profession such as doctor or social worker, where ‘customers’ are not precisely what you need, this will still draw the right influences your way in order for you to improve professional success.
Simply chop some fresh basil leaves (which you can easily find in any large supermarket) into shreds.  Heat a few tablespoons of runny honey in a glass bowl over simmering water – don’t overheat.  Add the basil to the honey and simmer for a minute or two.  Take it off the heat and say:
‘As bees fly to honey
Sweet as can be
All that I want
Is drawn to me’
Or words of your own choosing.
Run yourself a bath, rub the honey over your skin and get into the bath.  Soak for a while, happily visualising a good outcome.  Dry yourself in a golden towel, if possible.  Reserve some of the bathwater to sprinkle around your business premises or anywhere you feel could yield you success.


For this you will need some cornflour, some icing sugar, a gold powder puff (you could use a shower sponge) and a gold dish.  (N.B. If gold is hard to find, white will do.
Simply combine a few tablespoons of sugar with the cornflour and dust it on your body.  Say to yourself ‘I attract the best attention and all good things are offered to me’.  If there is a specific person you want to impress or occasion you want to be successful at, visualise this while you’re buffing yourself.



The above four spells are designed to be both easy and effective.  Use them repeatedly to achieve success.  Even better, if you are in any doubt or need personal help, you know you can rely on our skilful Readers for guidance so call today and be set on your way.



PUBLISHED: 24 July 2018





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