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Four Spells To Ace That Interview


Going for an interview can be nerve-wracking.  The more you want that job, or long to be accepted onto that course, the more nervous you feel – and none of us performs so well when under stress.


So why not get some magical support?  Your subconscious doesn’t need to analyse how this works – it will simply respond positively and give you a head start.  Take all the help you can get with:
  • Success bath
  • Salt spell
  • Ten of Diamonds spell
  • Chrysoprase talisman


For your interview you will want to be as fresh and fragrant as you can, but forget that invigorating shower.  Instead take a relaxing success bath.  It will increase your personal magnetism and give you added confidence.  Although it’s best to do this just before the interview, if this isn’t possible do it the night before, but don’t shower again before the interview.
Place allspice berries, cinnamon sticks, cloves, whole nutmegs and pieces of sandalwood mixed together in a golden bowl.  Cover all of this with hot water and leave to steep for an hour or more.  Breathe deep of the scent of the infusion, affirming that you are breathing in confidence and radiance.
When the infusion has cooled to luke warm, run a bath, stand in it and pour the mixture over you.  Soak in the bath as long as you feel comfortable.
When you get out do not towel dry.  You must air dry to keep the power of the herbs within your skin.  Use a hairdryer on your body if the weather is cold.  Know that you have saturated yourself in lucky vibes!



To the ancients salt was a life-saver, enabling food to be preserved.  It’s a gift of the earth that we may take for granted now.  But those minute salt crystals have the power to retain your intention, directing them where they are needed.
Carefully cup as much sea-salt as you can hold within the palms of your hands.  Murmur your heartfelt wish for the new position into the salt.  Imagine it charging up with the power of your intention.  Keep your salt in a clean, earthenware bowl, covered with a cotton cloth.
Before your interview put some of the salt in your pocket.  As you go in for your interview carefully sprinkle a little salt near the threshold of the office, or even near the interviewer’s chair.  However, please note it isn’t worth taking risks – just having the salt with you should give you the boost you need.


Buy a new pack of playing cards and take out the ten of diamonds.  Lay it on a clean dish and anoint it with essential oil of cinnamon.  Sprinkle the card with ginger and place a few coins on top – or five pound notes if you can spare them.  
Take a green candle and carve on it your wish, using a pin.  (It doesn’t matter if you don’t spell or write clearly, just be clear about what you want to achieve).  Rub some cinnamon oil into the candle also.
Fix the candle on top of the card and burn it.  Let it burn right down.  When it has gone out, collect up everything that is left.  This could be part or all of the card and paper money, the coins, ashes and any interesting wax remnants.  Place all of these in a red bag and carry this with you when you go for your interview.


Chrysoprase is an apple-green form of chalcedony.  It is a soothing, calming stone that will help you with interview nerves.  It has also been considered lucky and protective since ancient times.  It can make you eloquent and cheerful – just right for your interview!
All you will need is one chrysoprase tumble stone, a green candle and a cinnamon joss stick.  (If you can’t find cinnamon any fragrance that is warm and empowering will do)
Light your candle and look at the flame, imagining for a moment that you are at the interview, calm and confident, saying all you wish to say.  Imagine the smiles and nods of the interviewers as you make a really great impression.  Really feel your success.
Pick up the chrysprase and pass it through the joss-stick smoke, to cleanse it, and then repeat three times, to empower it.  Hold it in your right hand and close your eyes, imagining that confidence and success flowing into the amulet.
When you’ve finished wrap your amulet in a green cloth, or place in a green cloth bag.  Take this with you to the interview.  Blow the candle out and give thanks.



You now have four spells to help you with your interview.  These include success bath, salt spell, ten of diamonds spell and chrysoprase talisman.  Any magical or psychic assistance can only be a good thing so for even greater advantage call one of our skilled Readers who will give you advice and guidance to ace that interview.



PUBLISHED: 09 August 2018

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