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Connect With Your Special Goddess Of Love


Valentine’s Day is here so why not get yourself a little divine intervention? The ancients worshipped goddesses and invoked them for extra powers of attraction. Discover your own special love goddess by answering this quiz. Then clothe yourself in her unique magic.




  • How do you prefer to dress? A) Making the most of your own assets, B) Sporty, casual, comfy,  C) Smart, tailored and simple,  D) Floaty and feminine.
  • What’s your favourite evening out? A) Being wined and dined, B) Something active like bowling, C) A thought-provoking play or talk,  D) Romantic twosome or chick-flick.
  • What do you look for in friends?  A) Honest, reliable,  B) Lively, entertaining,  C) Chatty, interesting,  D) Empathic and supportive.
  • When looking for Mr/Ms Right, what’s most important?  A) Money and sex,  B) Zest and bottle,  C) Intelligence,  D) Chemistry, romance, tenderness.
  • Your friends want to buy you a voucher as a present.  Which would you prefer?  A) Manicure/pedicure/facial,  B) Balloon ride, action-experience day,  C) Magazine or film subscription,  D) Tea for two in a bijou bakery.
  • What sorts of pictures do you prefer on your wall?  A) Flowers, fruit, landscapes,  B) Dramatic, colourful pics of exotic places and/or wildlife,  C) Line drawings and neat patterns,  D) Photos of family, pets and friends.  
  • The most important things in life are A) Comfort and security,  B) Feeling really alive, C) Being idealistic, having high principles, D) Love, of course – what else is there?
  • You’ve got an unexpected spare half hour so you A) Put your feet up, B) Go for a run, C) Do a crossword or read a book, D) Phone a mate or daydream.
  • When you were little you dreamt of being A) A celebrity –  glamorous and rich, B) An entrepreneur, explorer or sports-person,  C) A top human-rights lawyer, academic or politician, D) An inspired doctor, social activist or vet.



Your goddess is Aphrodite, queen of beauty and all things sensual. She can bring pleasure and romance your way, enabling you to appreciate yourself. She’s your divine route to sexy, scrumptious lovin’




For your ritual you will need: deep rose candle, rose joss stick, scallop shell, scissors, spring water, three lengths of thread long enough to encircle your waist in emerald green, rose red and soft blue. If possible choose a Friday for your ritual, as that is Aphrodite’s day. Wait until dusk, gather your ingredients (the water should be in a glass or pottery jug, not plastic)) and set the scene by lighting your candle and joss stick. Play soft, sexy music and dance awhile. Pour some water into the scallop and cut three rose heads/buds, placing these to float on the water. Say ‘Aphrodite, queen of love, bless me and my rite’. Secure the three threads in a knot at one end and hold the red thread saying ‘I name this for lust.’ Then hold the green, saying ‘I name this for love.’ Finally the blue thread, saying ‘I name this for harmony.’  Plait the threads, repeating ‘Lust, love, harmony,’ as you work, and visualizing a happy relationship. When the plait is complete, secure the ends. Dab each end in the water in the shell saying ‘Aphrodite, consecrate my girdle, by your grace.’ Dab a little of the water over your heart, saying ‘Lust, love and harmony, within me, around me.’ Wear your girdle out on the pull, on special dates and/or in bed at night. Wear your girdle whenever you especially need Aphrodite’s blessing, and sleep with it for loving dreams.




Your goddess is Artemis, Lady of the Wild, protector of animals and nature. She brings you the freedom to be yourself, to be independent and to explore what that really means. If you’re looking for an unusual relationship, or to bless an existing relationship that others may not approve of, Artemis will help.




For your ritual you will need: a garment in the animal print of your choice (this could be something as large as a coat or quite small, such as a belt, or jewellery), nine white candles/night-lights, jasmine joss-stick, effigies of animals such as bears, elephants, dogs and horses, paper and pen, brown velvet ribbon. Go for a walk in a place that is as wild as you can safely manage, wearing your animal-print garment and walk for as long as you can manage comfortably. Gather leaves, sticks and interesting stones and on your return create an altar to Artemis, making a ‘nest’ with the sticks, stones and leaves you have gathered. Include your animal effigies in the display. The beginning of February (up until 9th) when the Moon is waxing is best for your ritual, preferably when you can see the crescent in the evening sky. Wear your animal-print garment or be naked. Light your jasmine joss-stick and around your ‘nest’, at a safe distance so nothing can catch fire, light your candles or night-lights. List the things you want in your relationship on your paper then roll up your paper into a scroll and tie with brown velvet ribbon. Place your scroll in the ‘nest’ and leave the candles to burn down. Leave your scroll in the ‘nest’ until Full Moon, when you should burn it to release the energy and draw love to you.




Your goddess is Athena, mistress of wisdom, learning, justice, peace and the Arts. If you want a relationship that is a meeting of minds, shared interests and common goals this goddess will help.



For your ritual you will need; some books, extra-virgin olive oil, essential oil of cypress, an oil-vapouriser, a statue of an owl, an onyx crystal (tumble-stone will do, but something you can wear is best) two yellow candles.
On a cupboard-top arrange your books behind your owl figurine, candles, olive oil in a glass dish, cypress oil and oil-burner. Light the candles and begin to vaporize a few drops of cypress oil. Breathe deeply of the cypress scent, visualizing it soothing you. See yourself in the relationship you want. Pick up the onyx and visualise yourself really fulfilled in this relationship, then put the onyx on or place it in your pocket or underwear. Now place a few drops of cypress oil into the dish of olive oil and place a dab on your temples saying ‘I have a relationship that satisfies my ideals and mind.’ Carry or wear your onyx with you whenever you need clarity, good communication and shared ideals in your relationships.





Your goddess is Amphitrite, goddess of the sea.  She rules the imagination, and she brings romance and enchantment. If you’ve chosen Amphitrite you need that touch of magic in relationships.




First take a leisurely bath with a few drops of ylang ylang essential oil. (N.B. This is a gentle oil, but all essential oils should be spot-tested for allergies on the inside of the wrist 24 hours before more general use).  As you bathe, let all negativity dissolve. In three  days following, gather gifts for Amphitrite.  If you can visit the sea-shore, gather shells.  Collect blue, white and green crystals or coloured glass, dolphin and fish figures, blue and white flower petals and anything that reminds you of water and the sea.  Hold these between your palms, dreaming of the fairy-tale you want to bring into your life.  Then take all your gifts to running water and throw them in saying ‘Amphitrite, take what I lovingly give, and bring me an enchanting love.’ Cut an apple in half, crossways, exposing the five-point star at the centre, colour it with turquoise-blue felt-tip and stamp the design on a plain piece of paper.  Write your desires on the paper in blue pen and sleep with this under your pillow, until your dreams come true.




Your goddess can do wonders but sometimes only human support and advice can help you through. Our Readers are always at hand to channel loving wisdom, so if you have a relationship problem, get in touch today to feel positive and see a happy future.



PUBLISHED: 17 February 2017


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