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The Sixth Chakra





The Sixth Chakra is called the Ajna Chakra. Ajna means ‘to know’, in the sense that knowledge is power. The Sixth Chakra is at the point we call ‘The Third Eye’, in the centre of the forehead, just above the physical eyes. This is the eye of the mind, bringing new abilities of intuition and insight into being, with a directness that bypasses logic. The colour of this chakra is indigo. Physically it is related to the pituitary gland, which is the ‘command centre’ of the body. 


  • Perception
  • Intuition
  • Far-sightedness
  • Imagination
  • Vision
  • Transcendence 


If you struggle to think outside the box, to practice positive visualisation, to indulge in flights of imagination or to trust anything other than logic and the ‘evidence’ of your senses, then your Sixth Chakra may need attention.
Do you find it hard to believe in anything spiritual? Do you distrust stories of reincarnation and find it impossible to believe that you were on earth before? Do you find yourself talking yourself out of any experience that could be mildly paranormal, dismissing little instances of telepathy or ESP as having a ‘logical’ explanation? Maybe you place no value on intuition, and even fear it, as something that could mislead you, and be dangerous.
When your Third Eye Chakra isn’t functioning well you are blocking all manifestations of higher perception. They say that there is none so blind as the person that will not see, and that could well be you. Possibly you need proof before you will take your intuition seriously, and with that attitude you are effectively shutting off all intuition can show you. Try at least to start with an open mind, then there is the possibility that your Third Eye can open, also.


In our Western culture we are almost totally committed to the doctrine of materialism. We are taught, for the most part, that the material world is all there is, that the laws of cause and effect control everything and that to believe in a spirit world, psychic phenomena and expanded states of awareness is feeble-minded, at best, and at worst rather dangerous.
Science has explained so many things, given us so much control over our environment, brought so many comforts and greatly enhanced our experience of physical life. However, it is easy to forget that materialistic doctrines have not totally explained existence. For instance, the ‘Big Bang’ theory explains how it all began, but does not specify what caused the Big Bang. Science has a host of answers to everything, except the biggest questions of all – what are we, how did we come into being, and why are we here?
Materialism has made us comparatively safe, relieved pain, lengthened life and brought pleasurable experience, but there are many people who say it has not made us happier. It has drained our lives of meaning and closed us off from exploration of deeper and wider reality. The Sixth Chakra is about re-opening those perceptions, and ‘seeing true’ even if what you see is hard to communicate.



With the Third Eye Chakra we are linked to other realms of being, to reincarnation, karma, far memory and far sight. We are now entering the spiritual realms, connecting with meanings beyond the everyday, and with the true mysteries of being. These are hard to express as the words are not available in Western language. To strengthen your Third Eye Chakra try the following:
  • Learn to respect your imagination.  Everything created by humans, from soup to symphonies, existed first in the imagination
  • Practice visualisation.  Set aside a few minutes each day to picture a good future, in your mind’s eye
  • Play with ideas about reincarnation.  If you’ve lived before, when and where might it have been?  Do you have any unexplained fears or preferences, that could be the result of experiences in another life?  If so, what might have happened then?
  • Think about karma.  It isn’t punishment – it is cause and effect.  Reflect how this might manifest, in lives following on from each other
  • Have you ever had a flash of an idea that later turned into something really good?  Make a note of this.  Be aware of the ideas you have and how often they translate into something actual, and pleasing
  • What were you taught about spirituality as you were growing up?  In what way do/did these beliefs feel right, or wrong?  And why?  What is your opinion of spirituality – has this been shaped by harmful teachings?  What desirable effects can come from spirituality?
  • Focus on meditation and mindfulness.  Do this just for relaxation and enjoyment.  By doing this you are giving the gates of perception a chance to open.  Try not to ‘reason’ yourself out of your experiences


Opening your chakras is a significant step on your spiritual path. However, doing this takes time, so start with simply becoming aware of your Sixth Chakra. Lie down and relax. Concentrate on this chakra, imagining its profound indigo colour and then feeling it drawing energy up through your root chakra, second chakra, third chakra, fourth chakra and fifth chakra. Feel your third eye centre empowered, this magical indigo light radiating out, showing the true meanings of the surrounding world. It’s as if your inner eye is opened and now you truly see. Just continue to relax, and when you’re ready, affirm that all six chakras are closing by visualising this strongly. Take a drink of water and touch your palms to the earth, to ensure the chakras are closed and you are properly grounded.


In this article we have looked at the functions of the Sixth Chakra, how it may be damaged and how to optimise it. As you start to work with your chakras you may well need some expert insight and direction. You may also want someone wise to talk to about your feelings and experiences. Don’t worry – at TheCircle we have all that you could wish for in Psychic Readings and Clairvoyant Readings. Why not call us today, to be connected to a Medium, or Psychic and to feel supported and guided.
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