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Read The Signs From Nature


All around us Spirit is giving us messages. There is no such thing as coincidence, and Nature has many ways of speaking to your intuition. Some of these are traditional, but most important of all is your own connection to the world you inhabit.


Learn to read the signs and tune in to your destiny.
Understand the role of:
  • Birds
  • Clouds
  • Shells
  • Walking to get in touch with nature generally, to find answers


Birds are well known as spirit messengers. This may be because angels, faeries and other beings take the form of birds, or it may be that these air-borne creatures are in some mysterious way programmed to communicate with us.
Bird divination is called auspicy, and it was routinely practised in Ancient Rome. You can use it to find the answer to a simple question. Stand in one spot facing east, form your question and watch the birds. A light-coloured bird indicates immediate action while a darker one brings delay. Birds on the right indicate that things will go smoothly, while on the left hitches are foretold. Birds that fly straight towards you indicate joyful times. Birds flying away means opportunities are receding for now, but also that old sorrows are fading. Sudden changes of direction in flight path show changes of heart, birds hovering above warn of criticism or new friends who may have hidden motives.
Flocks of birds often announce that someone has passed away. They may arrive on the doorstep or windowsill of a relative, as if to announce this. Magpies are linked with luck and there are several rhymes that give details. Put simply, one magpie is unlucky, but a pair foretell joy and larger numbers relate to different sorts of good fortune.
Start to notice the behaviour of birds and ask yourself if they are bringing you a message. That little bird hopping along the fence towards you and chirping may be bringing you a wake-up call of some kind. Have you been careless in any way? Is there something you’ve forgotten? Close your eyes and let your intuition speak to you, through the call of birds.


Clouds can bring you all sorts of messages, simply by looking up at them and seeing the cloud-pictures. You may spot faces that seem to be telling you something. Castles and buildings relate to your plans – are they forming and becoming stronger as you watch? Or are they shifting and fading, indicating need to change?
A tree in the sky is a sign of healthy growth on many levels, a horse brings animal energy and if it is a unicorn then it’s very lucky. A horseshoe is also lucky. A snake means wisdom and a cow, abundance. Use your instincts to interpret what you see or you could consult a dream dictionary, to get an idea of what the images mean.
Again, the best way to interpret anything you see in the sky is to sit quietly and let it sink in, waiting for your own thoughts to form. That way the entire sky will be your crystal ball.


Just being beside the sea can make you more intuitive because water relates to the subconscious and your instinctual self will respond to the swell of the waves.
If you look for shells on the shore they have specific meanings. Here are a few;
STARFISH – this isn’t strictly speaking a shell but the dried body of an extremely sensitive sea creature. Starfish tells you to adapt and work well within your surroundings.
COWRIE – these shells look rather like spotted eggs that have a wide mouth with two rows of teeth. They mean wealth and fertility.
AUGUR – these pointy, spiral-shaped shells can mean aggression, self-protection and assertion. They bring strength.
NAUTILUS – this is a round spiral and means spiritual growth and expansiveness.
SCALLOP – a lovely shell meaning love and generosity.


If something is bothering you it’s a good idea to go for a walk until your head clears. But you can make your walk count even more if you use it to open yourself to the signs from nature.
Before you set out, clarify your problem in your mind and ask to be shown the way forward. Then go out for your walk and enjoy it. Relax, breathe the air and look around you – be in the ‘now’. Don’t specifically look for signs and portents, just observe and enjoy.
It may be that something really strikes you on your walk. For instance a tree that you’ve not seen in blossom may suddenly be glorious, there may be birds singing, or you may find a stone of a certain size, shape and colour that you are drawn to. Sometimes you may see the meanings clearly but at others you may be puzzled. If so, don’t try too hard to interpret. Bring the images home in your mind, or, if it is something physical like a stone, shell or feather, bring the object home and give it time to communicate with you.
Trees can be wonderful for messages. As their leaves rustle in the breeze you may hear voices whispering advice. Shapes and faces often form in bark or foliage.
There are all sorts of ways the natural world can speak to you. If you are relaxed and calm you can tune in.



We have looked at divination by birds, clouds, shells and by the more general method of taking an ‘intuitive’ walk in the countryside. Opening your mind and heart to Nature and letting it speak to you can be a wonderful feeling and offers a whole world of exploration. It’s all about finding what works for you. However, if you find this too difficult, or if you are in any way puzzled by what you experience, help is always at hand. Contact one of our highly intuitive Readers for guidance and you will have all the insight you need.



PUBLISHED: 14 June 2018


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