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Seven Ways to Become More Psychics


We are all innately psychic, but we tend to ignore the promptings of our instincts.  Our culture and up-bringing often cover these up with layers of conditioning that need to be peeled away.  Opening your inner eye and unblocking your inner ear can, in fact, be fairly simple.


1)    It is all too easy to assume that psychic awareness is found in candle-lit rooms and spooky shadows, but that’s not necessarily so.  Spend time out in Nature – preferably alone.  Nature is the best teacher and just by absorbing the essence of earth and sky, stream and forest, you can set free some amazing insights.

2)    Choose a talent to develop.  Are you attracted by Tarot, crystals, dowsing, mediumship?  Pick just one discipline, learn it and practice it.  You may find it is not for you and if so you can move on to something else, but focus on one thing at a time.

3)    Develop a routine.  Practice your psychism regularly.  Just because this whole subject is hard to quantify does not mean you should be vague about it.  Your subconscious will respond better if you are clear about when you’re ‘getting down to it.’

4)    Learn to relax.  Stress is the single greatest barrier between us and the vast sea of psychic energy that surrounds us.  Practice relaxation whenever you have a moment, and always as a prelude to meditation.

5)    Meditate regularly, in whatever way appeals to you.  This could be through guided visualization, or simply by stilling your mind.  A regular ten minutes will serve you better than the odd hour, here and there.

6)    Trust your insights.  Record your dreams when you wake up, any instinctual promptings you have and the results of your exercises (e.g. your Tarot spreads or revelations when meditating).  Even if these seem to have no meaning at the time you may later come to see they make sense.

7)    Spend time with encouraging people, of like minds or with open minds.  Not everyone is going to agree with you wholeheartedly, in every respect, but being with aggressive de-bunkers or individuals who love to ridicule is likely to be counter-productive.  As you become more aware, you will be extra-sensitive to the ‘vibe’ people give off, anyway.  Gravitate to those who make you feel peaceful and at ease.  If you need reassurance and support, our perceptive readers at The Circle are always there, to put you straight.

PUBLISHED: 03 February 2014

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