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Seven Spells For The Witching Season

Halloween is supposed to be the time for magic, so why not try a little sorcery, to change your life for the better? Are you really manipulating unseen powers or is it your own subconscious, working for you? Who cares, as long as you get results!
Check out seven spells:
  • Get rid of your troubles
  • Find a lost pet
  • Be generally lucky
  • Create vitality
  • Protection for your home
  • Increase your psychic powers
  • Find love




As everything outside is withering away, use the seasonal energies to shrivel your sorrows.
In a little red cotton draw-string bag, place symbols of the hurt, trouble, illness or worry that you have. If you’re really unwell you might put in a hospital notification, an empty pill carton or anything that says ‘illness’ to you. If it’s a relationship, old notes, gifts or even drops of a perfume that reminds you. If all else fails, just write what’s bothering you on toilet paper. It’s very important that all materials you use are biodegradable.
Hang your bag on a tree or shrub, where you think it will not be noticed, and let Nature do the work. (N.B. If your bag disappears and you think someone has taken it – no worries. It’s all part of the magic!)



Animals don’t always want to be home when the nights draw in. Cats especially can find the darkness exciting. If your dog, cat or rabbit has gone missing you may be very upset. This simple spell will either bring them home or bring word of them. Take your pet’s favourite toy, or, if they don’t have one, write their name on a piece of paper. Repeat ‘… come home’ three times, while holding the paper. Now attach the toy or paper securely to a long piece of string. Dangle this out of the window, and slowly draw it back inside. Keep it in your pet’s favourite sleeping place. After three days, repeat if necessary.



A little extra good fortune will come with a red and green candle, some nuts or seeds that you like, pineapple or strawberry juice and a five-point star (you could find one in the Christmas decorations, already in the shops.) 
Light your candles, keep your left hand on your star and with your right hand dip a nut/seed into the juice and make a wish. Then eat the nut. You can name several wishes if you like. When you’ve done enough, drink the rest of the juice and scatter the remaining nuts and seeds outside.



Energies can ebb as the summer fades. For extra oomph make yourself a peppermint tea, adding honey if you like. Take some edible peppermint oil and stir in one drop in a clockwise motion. Place a gold or orange blanket/scarf around your shoulders. As you drink the tea imagine the warmth rising in your abdomen, joining with the vibrant colour of the scarf and making a wonderful glow around you. Affirm that this stays with you all day. Repeat as necessary.




Find a rowan tree (also called Mountain Ash) and respectfully cut two twigs of equal length. Then give the tree a generous offering of spring water on its roots, offering your thanks as you do so. Bind your twigs together with red thread in an equal-armed cross, asking for the special protection of whatever divinity or cosmic force you believe in. Hang your rowan cross over your door.




You may want to increase your psychic powers during the long nights. Relax, holding a clear quartz crystal, and anoint your Third Eye (the point just between and slightly above your physical eyes) with one drop of essential clary sage oil. Visualise an indigo beam coming out of your Third Eye, lighting up dark corners and giving you vision. Sleep with your clear quartz crystal under your pillow and by day store it with your tarot cards or other divination articles.




Don’t wait for mistletoe to bring you the person of your dreams! On a Thursday night make a list of all the qualities you want in a lover. Concentrate on how you want to feel rather than specifics like blue eyes. That night leave a piece of amber under your pillow. First thing on Friday, hold the amber close to your heart. Imagine your heart’s desire as vividly as you can and feel grateful that this is in your life. Kiss the amber and roll it up in a piece of rose or red silk, rolling it towards you. Keep this with you continuously for seven days and nights, close to your skin/heart if possible. Every morning repeat your visualisation. You now have a powerful amulet to take with you when you hope to meet someone special or are going on a hot date – or simply carry it all the time, just in case!




You now have a selection of spells to get rid of something unpleasant, find a pet, be lucky, generate vitality, protect your home become psychic and find love. These will give a real boost to your life. For extra encouragement and specific advice, both on magic and any worries you have, don’t forget our Readers are always available with a rich fund of wisdom and experience, so call today to be empowered.



PUBLISHED: 24 October 2017


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