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Seven Herbs to Aid Your Psychic Powers


Since prehistoric times certain plants have been prized for their ability to take you into another world.   In tribal cultures psycho-active plants are ingested by the shaman, in order to help him enter the spirit world and create good luck for his community.  This is still practiced in parts of the globe, for instance South America, and is very far from our Western habit of taking drugs recreationally.  When these special plants, such as the Peyote cactus, are absorbed, the spirit of the plant is contacted.  Insights and vivid visions arrive.  This is done under the supervision of an experienced leader, who can interpret and ensure safety.


There are harmless and pleasant ways of using plant essences to boost intuition.  The leaves or resin of special herbs can be dried and burnt as incense.  Scent is a potent way to alter brain chemistry for it reacts with the most primitive part of the brain – the reptilian brain-stem.  All sorts of instinctual associations flood your consciousness when you smell something, and this can help open your inner eye.


Joss sticks are a type of incense, but you will get better results from proper incense, which is a purer product.  You will need a censer or proper heat-proof container (an old dish will not do).  Small disks of charcoal will also be needed – these can be obtained in the shops/outlets that supply the incense.  Light a candle and hold the little disk in it, with small tongs, until sparks spit off and start to move inwards.  Behind the sparks the disk goes blacker, as it starts to smoulder.  Place the disk sparking-side down, in the heatproof dish.  Once it has heated through, knock it over to act as a cup for the incense.  (Do not touch it – it is burning hot.)  Place a pinch of incense in the hollow, and watch the magical spirals of smoke rise up.


Some people do not like smoke, so you can diffuse essential oils instead.  Follow the instructions that come with the diffuser, lighting the candle, filling the cup with water and placing a few drops of purest quality oil on its surface.  As the water heats, the oil releases its scent.


Essential oil can be absorbed by your skin.  Dilute two drops per teaspoon of carrier oil (such as sweet almond or grapeseed).  Always test for allergies and avoid the face and eyes.  N.B. Never ingest essential oils, even the ones that sound culinary.


Herb teas can also be drunk, and some safe and familiar herbs can aid your intuition this way.



This majestic herb aids spirituality of the highest order.  It is wonderful used as incense.  It will also work well in an oil-burner.  Besides, it is a safe oil for massage, having soothing and rejuvenating effects on the skin.  Frankincense encourages your breathing to slow down and deepen, making you calm and letting you release past traumas and preoccupations, so your mind is free to soar


Inexpensive yet potent, this plant clears your head, liberating you for psychic experience.  The herb to choose is Mentha piperita (not Mentha viridis, which is spearmint).  Diffuse peppermint to cleanse your working area if you fear spiritual contamination.  As a tea it is good for you (but should be avoided in early pregnancy) empowering you to make a new start and see things as they are.


Ocimum basilicum is a great nerve tonic that can calm you and sharpen your senses.  It uplifts your spirit, encouraging your third eye to open and your intuition to blossom.  The leaves are used in cooking and are good for the digestion although may be best avoided in pregnancy.


Mild and safe, this can be used in almost any way, and you can even put it neat onto your skin to treat stings and bites.  It soothes an angry spirit, re-aligning your chakras (or spiritual centres).  If you are on the wrong spiritual path, use of lavender will make you reconsider. 


Used in ancient times to cleanse the altars of Jupiter, vervain has a host of purposes.  Crush it and smear your body with the juice, to see the future, fulfill your wishes and be psychically protected.


This familiar supermarket herb has unexpected powers.  Wear a sprig of thyme to become psychic and see fairies.  Pin the herb to your chest, so you can smell it.  Preferably grow it yourself, or choose organic, local thyme.  As an oil it helps concentration.


Much more than a garden delight, these flowers attract fairies.  A tea of rosebuds gives prophetic dreams.  The petals sprinkled round the room encourage the calmness necessary for psychic experience.

Always use all plants with the greatest care.  If you need any advice or want expert psychic insight quickly, call one of our readers at The Circle, who are constantly available to guide you.

PUBLISHED: 01 May 2014

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