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Seeing Ghosts


Have you ever wanted to see a ghost? This is the time of year when the dead are said to walk. The truth of the matter is, the mists and growing darkness of Halloween encourage the right state of consciousness for psychic experience. If you really want to be aware of the spirit world there are things you can do to develop this.





If you really want to see a ghost, there are plenty of ghost-hunts available, especially at this time of year. Many of these are definitely tongue-in-cheek. There is no harm in a ‘mirth with reverence’ approach, as long as there isn’t too much ridicule. Sometimes being relaxed and laughing can put you in the right frame of mind to see, or experience the supernatural.

The best ghost hunts to go on, if you’re serious about the subject, are those led by an experienced medium, in some historical location. Probably there will be dramatic and often macabre stories linked to the site. Listening to these can be frightening, so don’t do this if you’re nervous. Being in an excited group is often helpful to changing your consciousness so you do ‘see’ things. However, they may or may not be meaningful, so always keep an open mind, and stay grounded and sensible.
When on a ghost hunt you will naturally be listening to what the medium or hunt organiser is saying. This is fine, but also be aware of anything that you may see, or sense, that has nothing to do with what’s being presented. If possible, keep a note of this by writing or recording. For instance, you may be hearing about a story of murder and mayhem, but perhaps you sense sadness, loneliness, or even a happy emotion. There may be talk of a tall, dark figure, but out of the corner of your eye you may glimpse a child. Check out any impressions later with information you can glean, for you may tune in to something more significant than the spine-chilling hype.


You may well prefer to do your own thing, and indeed there is a lot to be said for this, because what you ‘pick up’ is more likely to be genuine. Here are some pointers:
  • Remember that ghost hunting can be scary, and while ghosts very rarely, if ever, cause physical harm, a malevolent spirit can certainly cause emotional, mental and spiritual harm. So ask for help and protection from spirit guides and angels. Purify yourself before your ‘hunt’ by passing a lavender joss-stick around your body and affirming that all negativity is being banished. Take with you something that represents spiritual safety, such as a pentagram, cross or special crystal. Affirm that your motives are worthwhile, about spiritual awakening rather than power or sensationalism. (Of course, it is natural to be curious, but keep this in proportion)
  • Choose an appropriate place for your hunt. Locally, there are sure to be places that are known for being haunted, and these are a good start. Churches, graveyards, stone circles, castles and old houses are also favourites. But quite often relatively modern buildings can be haunted, especially if they have been scenes of dramatic events. Even new houses where very little has happened can be haunted because the energies within the earth at that point may be attractive to spirits.  Steer clear of anywhere that has a history of cruelty and evil – it isn’t worth the risk to your peace of mind
  • It’s good to have companions, but make sure they are the right ones.  Pranksters will only be disruptive and maybe frightening.  Open-minded sceptics are great companions, because they can be grounding, but anyone who wants to ridicule the process is a waste of space, so leave them behind
  • When in place, stay quiet and calm.  Try not to second-guess what’s going to happen, and don’t summon spirits with rituals because unless you are experienced, this could be disturbing.  Just ask any spirits present to show themselves.  Be patient, meditate and be very present in the moment.  Many people are too preoccupied to see what’s in front of them in the ‘real’ world, and the same can be true of the spirit world.  Notice details of your surroundings, shapes, contours, colours, shadows.  Be also aware of how you feel, what you smell, taste and maybe hear.  Do not be so fixated on seeing something that you miss other manifestations. Your psychic senses may be non-visual, and that’s just as valid
  • If, at any time, you experience anything frightening, close down your senses as best you can. Hold your talisman, call on your spirit protectors to help you and leave immediately. Unless you know what you’re doing, don’t try to influence unpleasant spirit presences. If you think a departed soul needs help, ask an experienced medium to do the job.



If you are naturally psychic you will already be aware of ghosts. However, if you are blocking your psychic senses, or need to develop them, keeping a journal will be a great help. You can build up a body of experience, and as you become more practised your confidence and ability will grow. Good hunting!




We’ve looked at organised ghost hunts and gone through a check-list for your own, personal hunt. Experiences of spirits can be uplifting, amazing or unsettling. Probably you will need help to understand this, and it’s always available on this site. Our expert Readers can put you straight concerning anything that you’re wondering about, so put in a call without delay.

PUBLISHED: 15 November 2016
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