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Salt Magic


Salt is a very pure substance that has been honoured since the dawn of civilization.  Before refrigeration, salt was the main form of preservative, used by the earliest settlers around the world.  Even its name is sacred, taken from the Roman Goddess of Health, Salus.


Both the Greeks and Romans threw salt as an offering onto holy flames, Christians used it to exorcise spirits, and Jews applied it in sacrificial rites.  The Celts placed dishes of earth and salt on the breast of a dead person, to signify the decay of the body along with the enduring nature of the spirit.  Medieval alchemists regarded salt as one of the three major essences of life, along with mercury (also called quicksilver) and sulphur, and it figured in their mystical experiments in search of physical gold and spiritual enlightenment.  So the simple white crystals that you sprinkle on your food are much more than just a flavouring.  They are a sacred substance, with power and meaning that you can also use in other ways.



Are you familiar with the tradition of throwing salt over your left shoulder for luck, if you spill some?  This comes from the belief that the gods will in some way be displeased if you waste salt, and that the path may be opened for a demon to get you!  Left was considered to be the ‘evil’ side, and so the salt would have got the demon in the eye as it crept up!  Like so many old customs, there is a basis in something valuable.  When you throw salt over your shoulder you are demonstrating that you honour this life-giving substance and that you do not take the natural world for granted.  Of course we now know that ‘left’ is not evil – in right-handed people the left arm and shoulder connect with the right hand side of the brain, which is the instinctual section.  So throwing the salt is your way of saying to your subconscious ‘I respect you and all your gifts’.  Long-term, this pays off, as I have found – try it!




In Wiccan rituals salt and water are consecrated as part of the preparation for a rite.  This cleanses the space and sets the scene for spiritual work.  Salt can also be useful for this in your home, and can help if you have a bad atmosphere of any kind, or if there is a mild haunting.  (For anything ‘heavier’ please call in a professional who deals with spirits.)  Choose an evening when the moon is waxing. i.e. growing bigger but not yet full.  Have with you some spring water in a special glass or ‘chalice’ and some sea salt in an earthenware bowl.  Light a white candle and place anything that is sacred to you, such as a picture of a god/dess, photograph or statue, next to the candle.  When you are calm and peaceful say  ‘I do this with love, trust and honour.  May all be blessed.’  Hold your water-vessel and say ‘Water be blessed’.  Hold your salt bowl and say ‘Salt be blessed.’  Trickle the salt into the water and say ‘Blessed be.’  If possible leave your salt-water out in the light of sun and moon for 24 hours – but don’t worry if it’s cloudy, the ‘vibe’ is still good.  The following evening, sprinkle your salt-water in the corners of every room in your dwelling, saying ‘Be cleansed and blessed’.  Take the salt-water round the perimeter, too, if you like.  Visualize your home as psychically clean and a happy place to be.




Have you heard the expression ‘Salt of the earth’, or ‘Worth his salt’?  These sayings come from the fact that in times gone by salt was used as money.  Try this money spell, but remember it will work best if you have a real need, rather than ‘cash to splash’.  Choose a waxing moon, preferably when the silver crescent is visible in the early evening.  Place a sheet of A4 paper on a large board, and make an enclosed square on the paper by placing four five-pound notes, corner to corner.  In the square, carefully pile a small mountain of salt.  Light four candles around the board, roughly at North, South, East and West.  Ask for blessing, and visualize the salt turning into a pile of money.  When you feel you’ve done visualizing, extinguish the candles and fold one of the notes, placing it in the bottom of a glass container.  Put the other notes back in your purse or pocket and carefully lift the paper, pouring the salt into the glass container, on top of the fiver.  Place your salt container on the windowsill, uncovered, until the day of Full Moon.  Early in the morning, tip the salt into some water and retrieve your last fiver.  Tip the salt water into a stream or river, so it can flow towards the ocean, and return to you, magnified many times, as cash.

Salt magic can be very helpful if you need something extra.  However, there is nothing like a wise and helpful person to talk to and there are many available to you right now!  Call one of our readers at the Circle and be encouraged and heartened in a few moments.


PUBLISHED: 3 November 2014



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