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Create Sacred Space


This world can get you down, eat away at your faith and make everything seem meaningless.  But if you create a sacred space within your home you will have an instant uplift.


Find out how to come home to an atmosphere of peace and spirituality by considering:
  • Why sacred space is important
  • How to make a suitable entrance to your home
  • Music
  • Colours
  • Crystals
  • Creating an altar
  • What not to do




The demands of life can so easily make you forget there’s any reality other than this material world.  Having to make money, keep a roof over your head and cope with difficult people can be depleting and depressing.  
If you slip into the habit of acting as if there are no existences apart from this one, all can seem empty and pointless.  Don’t risk losing that spiritual connection.  You can avoid this by creating sacred space in your home, to encourage and remind you there is so much more in the Cosmos, enchantment is all around and you are a child of the stars.


As soon as you open your front door you should feel as if your home is embracing you and uplifting you.  Do this by ensuring the first thing you see when you come in is a spiritual image.  If you are a Christian, this could be a statue of Christ or your special saint.  The Buddha is an image invoking calmness and meditation, or if you are pagan you might like to see the Green Man.  You may prefer to see something more neutral such as a crystal geode, or a picture of wildlife.
Scent is also crucial for this connects to the most instinctual part of you and can change your mood instantly. Frankincense is one of the most spiritual scents, lavender is very cleansing and orange invigorating.  Place a few drops of your favourite essential oil on a scrap of fabric, wooden picture frame or any porous substance near the door, so you smell it when you come in.
Get in the habit of saying a positive affirmation as you close the door behind you.  This could be something like ‘I now leave the cares of life behind me and enter my centre of peace healing’  Each time you do this you are affirming the sacredness of your home.



Have your Ipod, tablet or hi-fi ready with soothing music.  This will alter the atmosphere in your home immediately.  Make sure you’re prepared in advance because if not you could get sidetracked into putting the kettle on or unpacking your shopping.  You want to benefit from peaceful music as soon as possible as you start to unwind.



When choosing your colour scheme don’t be influenced by fashions or what your friends and family like.  Think about what’s going to make you feel calm and inspired.
Plain colours can be more calming than busy wallpaper.  Blue and green are especially tranquil and pale pink can be therapeutic.  Lilac and purple are particularly spiritual.  Pick colours to act as a background to special pictures, and to soothe your eye when you’re relaxing.


Crystals have the power to change the atmosphere in a room quite radically.  Rose quartz is very calming and can smooth family discord.  Choose a rose quartz heart and place it on the mantelpiece.
Amethyst is a mystical stone and is great for helping you sleep peacefully and have prophetic dreams.  Labradorite will bring you psychic protection and jet absorbs negativity.  Experiment with the stones that appeal to you, arrange them in circles or figures of eight or place them round candles or ornaments.  See what effect they have on you and your environment.


An altar is a devotional space that acts as a focus for your spirituality.  All you need for this is a small shelf or cupboard-top.  Make sure that you keep your altar just as an altar, not a place where you leave your coffee mug or unopened post.
On your altar you should place things that remind you of your own spirituality, whatever that may be.  Choose pictures, statues, candles and joss-sticks.  Put fresh flowers on your altar.  It is also a perfect place to arrange crystals or diffuse essential oils.  If you are a nature-worshipper, place seasonal offerings such as leaves, fruit, shells and twigs.
Each day, light the candles and spend a few minutes in meditation, centering yourself and reminding yourself of your true values in life.  Make a few helpful affirmations, such as ‘Today I will act for the greatest good of all’, ‘Today I will be happy and fulfilled’ or ‘Today I will stay calm and positive’.  That way your altar will be the basis of a serene and fulfilling life.


There are few things you are best advised to avoid if you want your living space to lend itself to a spiritual attitude.
Firstly, do not tolerate clutter.  We all collect stuff in our homes that we don’t need, but keep this to a minimum.  When deciding whether or not to throw things out, remember that open space is a valuable commodity in itself, and essential for generating a peaceful atmosphere.
Secondly, keep to reasonable standards of cleanliness and tidiness.  You don’t need to be fussy.  Just make sure the washing up is done and you don’t have wet washing hanging everywhere.
Thirdly, only have the television on for carefully chosen programmes.  Otherwise keep it turned off and preferably covered by an attractive cloth.  Television does nothing to uplift you, many programmes pander to the worst in human nature and numb your brain.  Don’t let this happen to you.



We’ve looked at the importance of sacred space, how to make a good entrance, music, colour, crystals, your altar, and what not to do.  Once you develop some sensitivity you will know what works for you.  However, if this doesn’t come easily or you feel too turbulent to create a spiritual atmosphere, help is at hand.  Just phone one of our wise Readers who will encourage you and empower you to change your environment for the better.



PUBLISHED: 31 July 2018

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