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Read Your Dreams For Future Success

Dreams tell you a great deal about yourself, if you can understand the symbols.  They are your subconscious mind’s way of working through problems and changes and can be a valuable route to wisdom.

Find out about:
  • The importance of dreams
  • Nakedness
  • Lover
  • Wise old person
  • Flying
  • Being chased
  • Death
  • School
  • New baby
  • Water
  • House


Much deep knowledge is expressed within dreams, and they can give you useful hints about your future because they reveal the inner direction you’re taking.  You might not always be aware of what’s driving you, and whether this is helpful or unhelpful.  Read your dreams and you’ll know more. 
The following guide describes the meaning of ten of the commonest dream symbols.  It also gives you tips for guided visualisation, to improve the conclusion of a dream that’s unsatisfactory.  In this way you can ‘talk back’ to your subconscious.  
Some people develop the skill of ‘lucid dreaming’ where they are able to be aware while dreaming and direct the outcome.  Second best is creating a waking dream, where you can continue your dream to a satisfactory result.  This will gradually empower you and make you more successful.


This signifies that you feel exposed in some way, and quite vulnerable.  If you feel ashamed of your nudity, then there’s something you’re trying to hide that you fear will emerge.  This could simply be a character trait like worrying or over-sensitivity that you are scared people will spot and exploit.  However, if you are naked and unashamed then that shows you’re proud of all aspects of yourself and will display them with conviction and pizzazz.  It’s a good sign as long as you don’t get overconfident.REDIRECT YOUR DREAM.  If you wake up feeling uneasy after this dream, close your eyes and return to the situation.  Now you can strut your stuff and be proud of your body or gracefully reach for a very chic outfit.


A lover represents the other side of you, the part of yourself you may often neglect but that you need to become whole.  If it’s a sexy dream in which you feel fulfilled, then your creativity is expressing well, but if you feel unwanted or distanced from your lover, you’re only living part of your potential.REDIRECT YOUR DREAM.  Return to the scene and imagine loving union and fulfilment.  This will enhance your creativity and make you inspired and vibrant.


A wise old man or woman frequently visits in dreams, bringing messages about life’s deeper meanings.  A dream like this shows that you’re at an important point in life where you need to make a crucial decision, learn something or become more mature and wiser yourself.  If your old person is kindly and approving you’re on the right track but any form of disapproval warns you to think again.REDIRECT YOUR DREAM.  Go back to this wise figure and ask for advice.  Do this as often as you need to, until answers that feel right rise up within you.


Flying high is a sure sign of success and control but if you’re flying low and getting caught up in power lines and branches you’re being frustrated.  Falling means you feel totally out of control in some area. REDIRECT YOUR DREAM.  Go back to the scene and fly higher.  Imagine yourself soaring into the blue., high above all obstructions.  If you’ve been falling, swoop out of the fall and soar upwards.



Often you’ll remember this because it’s so vivid and scary it wakes you up.  Maybe you’re being chased by a monster or wild animal.  This signifies there’s something you’re not facing up to, but chances are it’s not nearly as terrifying as you think. REDIRECT YOUR DREAM.  Returning to the dream scenario, turn and face your pursuer, fight and defeat it.  You can ‘magic’ up any weapon you need for this.  See the feared thing shrinking and being destroyed.  In real life you can be empowered to face down anything that might threaten you.




A really frightening scene that might make you fear you’ve had a prophetic dream foretelling the death of someone close to you.  However death in this context  just means change, which is often a scary situation in itself. REDIRECT YOUR DREAM.  Imagine the person coming back to life, or in some glorious afterlife situation.  However, affirm that you’re moving on – whatever has died isn’t needed any more.  (N.B. If you dream of someone you love dying that conveys that what has to change is dear to your heart.  Imagine letting go, because that’s what’s needed, but this does not mean anyone real is going to pass on.)



We all have stuff to learn and this life is in itself a ‘school’ and often quite a hard one!  This dream means you need to learn something – most probably something from your past – that you are just not getting.  There may be a test you struggle with – however, if you pass it then you’re on your way. REDIRECT THE DREAM.  Go back to the classroom and imagine yourself succeeding, top of the class, A star pupil, top marks and awards.  In real life ask yourself what you do need to learn and be open-minded.



This can be a lovely dream and signifies new beginnings, a new project that’s taking off the ground or new beginnings.  Take note of the exact appearance of the baby and how it’s being looked after to get an idea of where you’re going with this. REDIRECT YOUR DREAM.  If the baby is a different race from you or unusual in any way, then your idea is also unusual and a fresh departure for you.  Whatever the case, imagine the baby receiving the best care, being loved and thriving.




Water signifies the emotions.  Clear water means they are easy to experience and express, but turbulent or cloudy water means there are difficulties.  If things are being swept away by water or you are drowning, then your emotions are overwhelming you and will stop you succeeding. REDIRECT YOUR DREAM.  Imagine that you are swimming strongly on the surface of the water.  Imagine holding out your hands and calming the waves.  Imagine cloudy water clearing and affirm that all is peaceful and lucid.




A house is your mind, your personality.  In the basement are the things you repress and/or that relate to early childhood.  The bedrooms are the intimate thoughts you nurture.  Reception rooms are your more public face and the kitchen represents the main activities, constructive deeds and nurturing parts of you.  The condition these parts are in says a great deal about your opinion of yourself. REDIRECT YOUR DREAM by imaging that all the rooms are being re-decorated, lit up, clean and orderly.  You are in command here, you organise things as things as you wish and it’s a very pleasant space.




We’ve looked at the interpretation of ten of the most common dream symbols.  This can give you tremendous insight into your success potential and the power to focus this your way.  But if you struggle with this, don’t worry. One of our expert Readers can tell you about your future and how to express yourself, so you find the success and fulfilment you deserve.



PUBLISHED: 27 July 2018

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