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Psychic Protection for Your Pet


Protecting a much-loved pet from dangers may be more important to you than looking after yourself.  Pets bring joy and healing, they are simple and innocent, which often leaves them open to harm.  You can’t always be with your beloved pet, especially if it is a cat, and it would be wrong to curtail your pet’s freedom.  An adult animal is not a human child, even though they may be loved almost as much.  How can you keep your pet safe, while respecting their true nature?



Cats are perhaps the hardest animals to protect, because they are so independent and come and go as they please.  To protect your cat, first obtain a small statue of the Egyptian cat-headed goddess, Bast.  Put this on a small shelf and underneath it put a scrap of your cat’s fur.  Ask Bast to look after your cat.  Heat a fragrance such as orange, cinnamon or frankincense in an oil-burner near her effigy every so often, as an offering.


Bach flower remedies are mild, yet potent.  They contain the essence of the plant but will not irritate your pet’s sensitive nose (for animals’ sense of smell is far more powerful than ours and they can be easily upset by strong aromas).  This makes Bach flower remedies an ideal carrier for the good vibes you want your pet to be surrounded by.

Set up a small ‘ritual space’ with a white candle and any animal effigies you feel are appropriate.  Bast (see above) is one such, Anubis the wolf-headed god for dogs, Artemis/Diana for all wild creatures, Hermes/Mercury for tortoises, Apollo for mice and snakes, Aphrodite for doves, Athena/Minerva for owls, Neptune/Poseidon for horses, the Jade Rabbit from Buddhist faith for rabbits etc.  You can research gods and goddesses for your own dear pet on the Net.

You can also set the scene with fake fur, a little of your pet’s fur, feathers, straw or other substance from their bed, or whatever.  Needless to say, whatever you choose must represent safety, and kindness.

Cleanse your ritual space by ringing a small bell, softly and clearly.  Imagine all negativity disappearing.  Don’t be surprised if your pet comes up to see what’s going on.  Light your candle and reflect for a moment on how much you love your pet, recalling happy times with them and imagining good times to come.  Imagine that the flame of the candle is expanding, creating a bubble of light around you, protecting you during your ritual.

Now place a few drops of your chosen Bach flower remedy in some water in a glass.  Walnut is good for pets coping with house-moving, Centaury strengthens animals who are timid and submissive, Aspen calms the nervous, Rock Rose helps pets who are really terrified, Star of Bethlehem is good for those who have had a shock and Vine may help pets who tend to get themselves into trouble through being aggressive.

Hold the remedy between your palms.  Imagine your pet surrounded by protection, contented and safe.  Imagine all these good feelings and positive images going into the remedy.  When you feel this is complete, place the remedy next to your god or goddess image and affirm that the protective circle created by your candle has shrunk back into the flame.  Extinguish the candle.

Place a little of the remedy on your pet’s paws, hooves or wings and a small dab on their head.  You can also place some in their drinking water.

When all your remedy is gone, repeat your ritual and charge up some more, so your pet is always protected.


Protection is available for your pet from the spirit world. As with your own spirit guides, asking for help is the way to open the channels and receive it.

GUARDIAN ANGELS.  Pets have their own angels or nature spirits looking after them.  As you look at your pet, try to sense their guardian spirit standing behind them.  Open your heart to this guardian and ask them to take care of your pet.  Visualise this guardian going with your pet, wherever they wander.

SOUL OF THE SPECIES.  Some people believe that animals do not have individual souls.  Instead they have a group soul, to which they return after death.  This may be true of some animals, but others definitely have personalities – some extremely unique and well-defined.  Whatever the case animals, because of their instinctual nature, are very much connected to their species soul, and this is a protective force.  You can ask the species soul to be present, close to your pet.  You may become aware of this as a giant version of your pet’s species, behind your pet, enfolding your pet within their paws, or wings.  This species soul, where activated, can have the effect of scaring away any person or animal that means harm.  Invoke the species soul by surrounding a white candle with twelve effigies of your pet’s species.  Imagine the species soul materialising behind the flame.  Ask this giant, powerful being to be with your pet at all times.  Make sure you are extra-caring of the species, giving donations to appropriate animal charities, caring for habitats etc. to maintain the connection.


In this article we have looked at ways of protecting your pet with Bach flower remedies and sprit helpers.  You cannot be with your pet at all times, but by using these ways of surrounding your pet with love, you can give them that extra bit of care, to keep them safe.

PUBLISHED: 18 April 2016

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