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Psychic Cleanse Your Life


The nights are drawing out and Spring isn’t far away.  Why drag all the tired old stuff into the new season?  Cleanse your life and be thoroughly renewed.


  • Start by making a list of all the people, places and tasks that pull you down.  How many of these can go, or at least be curtailed?  Try to keep guilt out of the picture, because if that is your motivation, all you are doing is contaminating the atmosphere for everyone, especially yourself.  Refuse to waste your energy.  Clear your diary of the unpleasant, as far as possible and you will feel cleaner immediately.
  • If you feel depleted by your job you may believe you have no choice but to put up with it, but is this really the case?  A pleasanter job with less money could lighten your spirit.  If this is not possible, take a special crystal with you to work.  Choose labradorite for dodgy atmospheres or carnelian for kick-ass energy, or any crystal that feels right.  Affirm that the crystal is generating a force-field for you, and you are safe within it.  The main thing is to realize that all the stressy stuff, from bullies to bulging in-trays, doesn’t really matter that much.
  • Avoid depressing headlines, smile at your reflection in the mirror, do a kind deed, pass on good news, and at the end of each day, read something soothing and uplifting.
  • Sprinkle a thin layer of flour on a tray and write in it the names of any person or activity that you want to be rid of.  Place your palms flat onto the tray so they become coated in flour.  Now wash your hands and the tray thoroughly repeating ‘I wash myself and my life clean of…’
  • Your aura is an egg-shaped sheath of subtle light that surrounds you.  This can become muddied by exposure to negative forces and also by your own difficult emotions.  Cleanse your aura by sitting in a chair, both feet on the ground, close your eyes and imagine there is a shower-nozzle above you, streaming out golden particles through your aura, making it vibrant and sparkling.  Imagine the total extent of your aura being cleansed and stay under your ‘shower’ for a while even when you feel the job is complete.  See all the bad energy flowing into the earth and being neutralized.
  • Cleanse your living space by dance and movement.  Choose any music you like and start by moving anti-clockwise (i.e. the opposite way to the Sun.)  Imagine negative energy unraveling like a ball of wool – feel it weakening, fraying, blowing away like cobwebs.  When you feel this is complete, stop and touch the ground before you begin to dance clockwise now.  Imagine scintillating energy being generated by your movements, like a golden sphere that then spirals out into every corner of your home and life.  You, and all connected with you, are cleansed and renewed.  Touch the ground with both palms and sip water to be firmly earthed.

 PUBLISHED: 02 February 2014

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