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Psychic Cleanse Your Home For The New Year


There’s something special about New Year. It makes you feel that a new start is possible, in all sorts of ways. If that’s how you’re thinking, then you can make it real. Start by thoroughly cleansing your home of anything bad or stale that has built up on a psychic level. Then you’ve made room for fresh good things.

 In this article we look at:

  • What those old vibes mean
  • List-making
  • Getting rid of a bad situation/feeling
  • Focussing on your living space
  • Using the Four Elements
  • Starting good habits




As time progresses all sorts of negativity can build up, even in the most loving and organised of homes. If there has been any major upset or difficulty, this will be even more the case. You don’t have to sort out what needs getting rid of. All you need to do is have the right intention, and then focus this with a bit of ritual. ‘Ritual’ is a way of getting the subconscious mind on your side. It’s fun, and effective!


Start by making a list of all the people, places and chores that bring you down. This is a practical approach. How many of these can go, or at least be cut down? You may be surprised at how much you are doing out of guilt, or habit. Set yourself free and you will reduce the amount of difficult energies you are bringing in to your home. Try to make sure that your 2017 diary is as free as possible from unpleasant dates.


Here is a quickie ritual to be free of something specific. Sprinkle a thin layer of flour on a tray and write in it the names of any person or activity that you want to be rid of. Place your palms flat onto the tray so they become coated in flour. Now wash your hands and the tray thoroughly, repeating ‘I wash myself and my life clean of…’ You can repeat this daily until you’re happy.



Cleanse your living space by dance and movement. Choose any music you like and start by moving anti-clockwise (i.e. the opposite way to the Sun.)  Imagine negative energy unraveling like a ball of wool – feel it weakening, fraying, blowing away like cobwebs. When you feel this is complete, stop and touch the ground before you begin to dance clockwise now. Imagine scintillating energy being generated by your movements, like a golden sphere that then spirals out into every corner of your home and life. You, and all connected with you, are cleansed and renewed. Touch the ground with both palms and sip water to be firmly earthed.



In olden times people believed that everything was composed of Earth, Fire, Air and Water. These were not just physical substances, but also represented specific energies. Occultists today have a similar approach. If you cleanse your living space with these four Elements something ancient and powerful is taking place.
Firstly, sweep your house reasonably clean. Then take a white cloth and imagine that you are ‘sweeping’ all the negative energy out of your house, with this cloth. Open windows and doors and make a mental picture of the stale, grey energy that is going.
On a tray place a lavender joss stick, a white candle, a stone and an earthenware jug containing water. Go into each room in turn and take the Elements round, in clockwise direction. Firstly take the joss stick, saying ‘May this place be cleansed and blessed by the powers of Air. May there be clear thought, good communication and new beginnings’
Then take round the lighted candle, saying ‘May this place be cleansed and blessed by Fire. May there be inspiration, energy and passion for good.’
Now sprinkle the area with Water, saying ‘May this place be cleansed and blessed by Water. May there be kindness, peace and healing.’
Finally take round the stone, saying ‘May this place be cleansed by Earth. May there be strength, growth and stability.’
Place all four items on a shelf. Say a prayer if you wish, or simply imagine that you are inviting many positive things into your life.


There are probably a good many things that you do on a regular basis that bring you down, almost without you recognising this. Once you become aware, you can stop those bad vibes at the door.  Here are some things you can try:
  • Don’t look at depressing newspaper headlines. Why listen to the news?  Go through life on a ‘need-to-know’ basis and fill your mind with good news where you can. If someone tells you something happy, such as the birth of a baby, a happy relationship, kindness, success and fulfilment, write these things down and read them over, to generate a smile
  • Start each day by pouring a glass of water. Hold it to the light and repeat the word ‘happiness’ three times, while you imagine the water being filled with the radiance of the word. Then drink the water
  • End each day by writing down three good things that have happened. Fill yourself with gratitude for these good things. Imagine them growing, so your whole life is filled with fulfilment and gratitude



In this article we have looked at how bad vibes cling, list-making, a quickie ritual to be rid of something negative, focussing on your living space, using the four Elements and starting good habits. This is your ‘tool-kit’ for a psychically clean life. But of course you may need more encouragement during life’s bad patches, so never be afraid to reach out. Our wise and sympathetic Readers are always here to steer you and hearten you, so put in a call without delay.


PUBLISHED: 04 January 2017

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