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Programme Your Dreams For Creativity And Success

Dreams are much more than fleeting images generated by your subconscious while you sleep. Science shows that dreaming is vitally important to your sanity. It is a way to process the multitude of problems and ideas that beset us. But dreaming is more than this. It does not have to be passive – something that just happens to you. Your dreams can be a dynamic force, creating a better life and making you much more aware.
Learn about:
  • Respecting your dreams
  • Recording dreams
  • Lucid dreaming
  • Steps to use your dreams positively and creatively




Your first step in making your dreams work for you is to start taking them seriously. Many people say they don’t dream, but we all dream, every night – it’s just a question of remembering them.
If you never recall any of your dreams, start setting your alarm for earlier, or even in the middle of the night. As soon as you wake up, record any impressions you have. You may remember an actual dream, or you may just have a feeling, a shred of an image. Whatever this is, make a note of it. By so doing you are sending a strong message to your subconscious mind that your dreams matter.
Do this regularly and after a while your dream self will oblige by making itself known to you.


Writing down your dreams is a big step in valuing them, and valued dreams become significant.
Get in the habit of always writing down your dreams when you wake up. If you don’t have time in the morning, it’s worth setting your alarm a little earlier, for this important exercise.  
Choose a roomy diary to record your dreams. At the end of the day, record what’s happened, how you felt, who you met, what you achieved etc. You don’t have to go into too much detail – just jot down a broad outline.
Does this tie in, in any way, with your dreams? Look back a few pages – does it tie in with the dreams of earlier days? If you’ve had a dream that seems extra vivid or memorable, keep looking forwards to see if this relates to events. Dreams are often prophetic.
Recognizing that your future life can be shown in dreams is a big step towards creating your future through them.


In lucid dreaming we are aware that we are in a dream. Often when this happens, you’ll wake up immediately. This can be a big relief if you’re being chased by a monster! However, it’s much more empowering to realise you’re dreaming, stay dreaming and conjure up for yourself a magic sword to slay the beast! People who do this can be truly self-actualising and experience lots of fulfillment and success.
To start lucid dreaming, tell yourself you will do this before you go to sleep. Research shows that during the night your mind processes what you’ve done during the day, so you can use ordinary actions to imprint your subconscious. Keep looking at your hands and saying to yourself ‘Am I dreaming?’ if you do this often enough you will end up doing it in a dream and the answer will be ‘yes’ – so you’ll be on your way.
Also during the day, keep asking yourself ‘What did I just do? How did I get here? Am I dreaming?’ This will become so natural that you will start doing this as you actually dream.
Once you become aware during dreams, affirm that you will take charge. During the day look at your hands and say ‘Am I dreaming? If so, I’m in charge.’ Read about lucid dreaming before you go to sleep and affirm you will do it. Keep going with this – it might not ‘stick’ immediately but once it does you’ll be flying – perhaps literally! - in your dreams.
The ability to control your dreams gives you an amazing strength in daily life, where you feel sure you can be and do what you want – and see it materialize!


  • Before you go to sleep, think for a while about what you need
  • Be as specific as you can – focus on your creativity
  • Visualise having the success that you want
  • You can write all of this down on a slip of paper if you want.  Keep it simple and place it under your pillow. (Old-fashioned paper is best. Your tablet or smartphone carries the wrong ‘energies’ and in any case should not be close to you while you sleep.)
  • Try to hold the subject as the last thing in your mind before you drop off
  • If your dream wakes you in the night, record it as quickly and accurately as you can. Do this even if your dream seems to have nothing to do with what you wanted
  • In the morning write down anything you can recall of your dreams, whatever they were
  • Analyse your dreams with an open mind, and keep the memory of them with you during the day. Quite often you’ll find that a dream you thought irrelevant will turn out to be important, or to have had a message
  • Some, if not many dreams will prove inspirational. An entire creative idea or fresh path in life may be opened to you in your dream
  • Remember that your dreams go two ways. If the goal you seek isn’t right for you, or needs to be adjusted, maybe your dreams will point you in the right direction if you listen. Always be open to the wisdom of your dreams.





Dreams are powerful things. We’ve seen how important they are, respecting and recording them, lucid dreaming and all the steps to begin using dreams. For more tips on how to use your dreams, or expert advice on the messages they bring, phone one of our helpful Readers today to get immediate answers.


PUBLISHED: 27 November 2017

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