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New Year Spells

New Year is a perfect time for a new start. When you do a spell you are ‘spelling out’ your intentions, sending a powerful message to your subconscious and into the ether. Begin your year by affirming all the improvements you want to make with a little magic.

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Immerse yourself in this renewing bath. You will need some rose oil and some sandalwood oil.  As well as bringing love, rose brings luck, healing and protection. Sandalwood also protects but it banishes negativity into the bargain.
As you run your bathwater drop three drops of rose oil into the water, saying ‘Bring me love, bring me health, bring me good luck.’ Then drop sandalwood into the water, saying ‘Cleanse my life of all negativity, protect me and grant my wishes.’
On the water now scatter any fresh flowers that appeal to you. As you lie in your bath, clearly imagine all the things you want from the New Year.


Take a handful of peppermint leaves, or use a few drops of the essential oil. Boil water and pour it over the peppermint leaves, leaving them to infuse for ten minutes. Strain the infusion and pour into a bucket adding the juice of an organic fresh lemon and a little organic apple cider vinegar.
Use this to wash the floor, repeating the words:
  • ‘Cleansing, purifying brew
  • Banish bad and welcome new.’
Wipe around windowsills and doorsteps, visualizing anything negative as dark specks, dissolving in the liquid, and everything left sparkling and bright.
Pour any left-over liquid on the earth outside. Say ‘Mother Earth, grant me protection and strength, and bring me a blessed New Year.’



Early in the New Year sweep your home clean, or use a vacuum cleaner. Take the sweepings, or the contents of your vacuum cleaner to a crossroads, and throw them away. This makes your home safe from anything malevolent during the coming year.
Dissolve two drops of frankincense oil in a teaspoon of carrier oil, such as sweet almond. Dab your finger in the oil and form a pentagram, or five-point star on the outside of each door and downstairs window of your dwelling. (N.B. If you live in an upstairs apartment, you can simply mark the inside windowsills.)  Say ‘May this dwelling be safe from all harm’ three times, as you do this.


New Year is prime time to clarify your wishes and get some magical help. Carve your wish on a candle and burn it.  
Crack open a walnut, as evenly as you can. Write your wish on a small piece of paper and fold this, placing it inside the cracked walnut, as best you can. Seal up the walnut, using a little candle wax. Hold the walnut until the wax has set, repeating your wish.
Bury the walnut in the earth, saying ‘My wish is growing to fruition.’


During January you may well be making plans for the year ahead and wondering what the best date may be for a venture, or wanting to know what times of year may be least lucky.
For this divination you will need the kind of calendar in which the pages are held together by metal rings. This is because you do not want the start or end of the year to be identifiable by touch – the pages must turn easily on the rings. Failing that, you could separate the pages of a calendar, so you can shuffle them, like cards.
You will need at least two people for this divination. You should also have a frankincense joss-stick and a blindfold.
Light the joss stick and pass the calendar through it, saying ‘May this calendar be a channel for truth and blessing’. One person should formulate a question clearly, while the other fixes the blindfold over their eyes. The calendar should then be shuffled and passed to the person who has asked the question. They in turn shuffle the pages and place the little finger of the left hand on a page.
Take off the blindfold and note the date closest to the little finger – that is significant.  Write down the date and let the next person have their turn. You can ask more than one question, but not the same question twice.



In this article we’ve looked at a Renewing Bath Spell, Cleansing Spell for your home, Home Protection Spell, Wish Come True Spell and Calendar Oracle.  You can have control over the coming year, if you focus your efforts, but some helpful advice will make this easier.  For the best start of all to the New Year, put in a call to one of our insightful Readers, and get the heads-up you need.


PUBLISHED: 09 January 2017

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