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Midwinter Divination


When it’s dark outside, thoughts are more likely to turn inwards. You may find you’re reflecting on mysterious things, and wondering about the future. Traditionally there are several forms of divination you can try now. These are time-honoured ways of getting your intuition in gear. There’s no need to take anything too seriously – just have fun and see what turns up.


Have a go at:
  • Prophetic Pudding
  • Waxworks
  • Magic in the Mirror
  • Urn of Fate
  • Portents in the Pips
  • Lasting Love


Turn your Christmas dessert into the big event it used to be by putting some fortune-telling extras in with the dried fruit. You can do it with a shop-bought pud as well. Collect some significant items from a cake-decorating shop – you’ll find a selection of things to go on wedding and birthday cakes, and they have lots of symbolic meaning. You can also find other bits and pieces that are suitable. Simmer them in boiling water for 10 minutes before putting them in the pudding, to sterilise them. Whatever turns up in your portion gives a hint to your year ahead. Here are a few suggestions:
Silver shoe – moving onwards
Horseshoe – good luck
Coin – money
Heart – romance
Bird – good news is on its way
Bell – a new start
Dice – take a chance
Key – answer to a problem
Ring – committed relationship
Use your intuition about the meaning of any other tokens you choose and write your interpretations out beforehand so you can sound wise about what lands on everyone’s plate. Everything that goes in should be at least the size of a cherry, so it doesn’t get swallowed by accident! Don’t forget to pour brandy over your pudding and set alight to it, before serving, because that will fire up the magic.


First think of a question you’d like answered. Take a large bowl of water and tip a lighted candle over it, so that the wax drips into the water and solidifies. Let it go hard before fishing it out. Now use your intuition to decide what the shape means, because it’s your clue to the coming year. If you want to follow the traditions of Finland, you can use lead. In a spoon, hold a bit of the kind of lead you use for soldering in a candle flame. When it goes soft, drop it into a pail of water – the hissing of the steam adds to the magic. Let it cool thoroughly before you retrieve it to read your future. If the shape means nothing to you, hold it against the candle-flame and look at the shape it throws in shadow on the wall.



In the Ukraine the period between Christmas Eve and Twelfth Night is called Svyatka. This is prime time for divination, especially if you want to know about your future husband. Just before midnight light a candle in front of your mirror. Turn out the lights and stare into your mirror. At the stroke of midnight your future husband will appear behind your shoulder.




In Spain a Christmas custom is to write on separate slips of paper the name of each person at a party. The slips are then drawn out in pairs. The person you’re drawn with will become very close to you in the coming year.




Oranges used to be a special Christmas treat. Your refreshing tangerine can give you a simple answer to something that’s been bugging you. Frame your question in such a way that it can be answered by yes or no. Eat the orange while thinking of your question, and save the pips. An even number of pips means the answer is no, an odd number means yes.




Are you yearning to know if he’s The One? Take two fresh basil leaves and place them side by side on a live coal. If they burn quietly to ash then your relationship is made in Heaven. A little bit of crackling means there will be some ups and downs. If the leaves fly apart he’s a No-no, so look elsewhere.




You now know how to try prophetic pudding, waxworks, magic in the mirror, urn of fate, portents in the pips and the lasting love question.  You may well surprise yourself with the accuracy of your fortune-telling.  However, for helpful predictions that are really accurate, call our team of expert, psychic Readers and go into the New Year with some foreknowledge.


PUBLISHED: 19 December 2017

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