A Mayday Meditation


Being able to meditate is a valuable skill, especially in today’s hectic world.  Drawn from ancient disciplines, it is still totally right for our times.  Most, if not all religions encourage some form of contemplation, but the techniques of meditation as they are taught today are often drawn from Buddhism. The ultimate goal of meditation is a union with the Divine, but for the great majority of us that idea seems too distant.  An experience of tranquillity, a pleasant detachment, a sense of there being ‘something greater’ is what we seek, and what can be found in meditation, along with a host of health benefits that come with reduced stress.  These include lowered blood-pressure, a better immune system, less frequency of life-threatening diseases and a general sense of wellbeing. More more information have a read of 'A Meditation for New Year' and 'An Equinox Meditation' first.



What is Meditation?


Meditating involves shifting your state of mind, moving into another level of awareness.  This isn’t difficult, but requires practice.  Check out the other articles on the website (see above) for hints and tips to go about this.  Then you’ll be ready to start the Mayday Meditation.

The meditation can be done in a group, if you wish.  You can record the instructions if you like, or memorise them – whatever works best for you.  Relax and begin…

‘It is early morning and you are following a path through woodland.  The air is fresh and clear and birdsong is ringing all around you.  Beneath your feet the path is grassy and springy.  It’s as if a sense of joy and celebration is growing…

‘As the light becomes brighter, you notice that the wood is thinning slightly.  On banks that catch the sun’s first rays, cowslips are nestling, along with the occasional late primrose.  The grass is a rich emerald and the spring flowers are each like a droplet of sunshine.  Looking into the wood you see, here and there, a lilac shimmer, where the bluebells are beginning to bloom…

‘White blossoms now accompany your walk, banking up on each side of the path, as if it is a ceremonial avenue.  You take in the musky scent of the air, your fingers brush against the blossom and your feet make a satisfying contact with the earth, as you walk on.  Notice any animals, plants, trees or any feelings that you experience…

‘The birdsong seems to be increasing, swelling to music and jubilation.  You realise that you are hearing more than birdsong.  Somewhere in a glade up ahead there are human voices, pan-pipes, bells and stringed instruments playing, and the sound of laughter…

‘You round a bend in the path and you find yourself in a wide, circular clearing.  The entire clearing is surrounded by white May blossom, like confetti.  In the centre of the space is a tall maypole, with many coloured ribbons, each of them held by dancers who weave in and out, to the music.  Around them other merrymakers clap, sway and laugh.  You watch for a while, entranced…

‘One of the group comes over to you and asks you to join in.  You are handed a length of ribbon and find yourself skipping and weaving, inside a kaleidoscope of colour, within the white circle of May blossom…

‘When the dance stops you go to a grassy bank to rest.  Somehow you have the impression that joining the celebration has made you at one with the beauty of the season, and you feel happy and relaxed.  People from the group join you, and one of them hands you a gift, with a smile.  You say thanks and take it carefully.  Then you say “Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again” to all your new friends, as you wave goodbye and set off, back along the path by which you came…   

‘The path is still firm beneath your feet, the woodland flowers around you, as you walk, holding your gift.  Gradually, the sounds of revelry fade and all you can hear is the singing of the birds.  Now that disappears also, and you say goodbye to the woodland, as you gradually return to everyday awareness...’

Make a note of all you experienced, especially your ‘gift’.  What was it?  What does it mean?  Where can you find this in everyday life?  This is your Mayday treasure, and it can enrich your life.

Of course there are times when you need some knowledge and positive input that you can’t get through meditating. You may also want someone wise to talk to about your experiences when you meditate.  Don’t worry – at The Circle we have all that you could wish for in psychic readings and clairvoyant readings.  Why not call us today, to be connected to a medium, or psychic and to feel supported and guided.


PUBLISHED: 7 May 2015


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