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Making a Love Talisman




If you’re going out to find a new love interest or have a hot date that you’re hopeful will turn into something lasting, you may need a talisman in a hurry.  Maybe you already have an item of jewellery or clothing that you find ‘lucky’ but if not, a little bit of playful magic could do the trick. You might also want to have a read of  Making a Talisman to give you the basic grounding on what a talisman is and how to approach it.


All you need is a piece of rose-pink card or fabric that you cut into a heart-shape.  Make sure that this ‘heart’ is the right size for you to carry with you easily, and without being noticed.  You don’t have to go to the shops – an old scarf or garment, or greetings card can give you your basic material.  Be adaptable.  If you can’t find any pink card, cut out a picture of a rose, or other flower – as long as what you end up with looks warm and romantic to you, you’re doing fine.  Then write on the card or material how you want to feel.  Think carefully about this.  Are you going for short-term or long-term?  Words like ‘desireable’ and ‘loved-up’ are great, but maybe –‘contented’ and fulfilled’ could be what you’re really after.  Hold the heart between your palms and imagine your dreams coming true.  Dab the heart with your favourite perfume and carry it with you, to conjure romance.




This more permanent talisman comes in two stages.



You’ll need a rose pink candle, several sheets of pink paper, a pen that feels pleasant to use, lavender oil, deep pink satin ribbon.  (If you’re a guy and all this seems too ‘girlie’ for you, use white paper and a red ribbon.)  Light the candle and focus on the kind of lover you want.  Now write a list of all the qualities you want in this dream person.  Try to think about what will make you comfortable, secure and happy, rather than ‘big blue eyes’ etc.  complete this list carefully – you may want to sleep on it and finish it off the following evening.  When you’re sure, dab some lavender oil on the corners of the paper, roll it up, bind with the ribbon and if possible seal the ends with a little melted wax from the candle.  Keep your scroll somewhere safe – you may want to renew it every so often, so when you do this begin by burning the old scroll and then starting at the beginning.



You’ll need loving images, such as pictures of couples kissing, doves, hearts, flowers, rings and your Love Scroll.  You should also have an image of the goddess Venus, a deep pink candle, a jasmine or rose joss stick, something sweet to eat and drink and a special piece of rose quartz.  Choose this carefully.  A heart-shape is best, of course, and great if you can wear it round your neck, but you may want something that’s small enough to slip in a wallet or attaches to a key-ring.  Start by surrounding yourself with images of love.  Light the candle and burn the joss stick.  Because you are ‘charging up’ a charm, you need to have a ‘psychic haven’ so first imagine all negativity leaving you and your surroundings as grey clouds being blown away.  Imagine a protective sphere of pink light enclosing you.  Press your rose quartz between your palms and repeat the qualities you want in a lover three times, clearly  - say them aloud if you wish. If you feel like dancing and chanting your wishes, so much the better.  Feel your palms getting warm as you pour all your dreams and goals into your rose quartz.  When you have finished, eat and drink to ground yourself and set the seal on your talisman.  Imagine your protective sphere dissolving.  Stash your love-scroll somewhere safe and carry or wear your talisman whenever you want to attract that loving vibe – every day if you like.  Every so often you may like to cleanse your talisman by passing it through spring water and drying it carefully with a soft cloth.  You can then repeat your rite again, for renewed power.


A love-talisman can be a great help when you are feeling lonely and really want to do something to draw that special person to your side.  But there are times when it all gets too difficult to cope with alone and only speaking to another human being can comfort you.  Our readers at The Circle are always available with support and empathy, so when you need a guiding hand, don’t hesitate to put in a call and feel better!


PUBLISHED: 10 November 2014

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