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Make Your Christmas Tree a Good Luck Charm


You may know that our familiar Christmas tree was brought to this country by Prince Albert, Queen Victoria’s husband.  But did you realise that traditions about sacred trees are much, much older?  All over the world trees have been seen as a hot-line to heaven 


•    To the Norse tribes the mystical Ash, Yggdrasil, held the Universe in its roots, trunk and branches. 
•    In Hindu myth the World Tree grows from the Cosmic Egg, at the start of creation. 
•    In Islam, the olive is a blessed tree giving the world the light of Allah. 
•    For Buddhists, Buddha is linked to the Cosmic Tree, which is often shown as a pillar topped by the sun. 
•    Chinese people honour the Tree of Sweet Dew, which legend says grows at the top of a mountain in the centre of the world. 
•    For Native Americans, all trees are special – they call them the Standing People, and believe they bring wisdom.
•    To the Celts, branches were a symbol of youth.
•    The New-Age habit of tree-hugging goes back to the days when all trees were sacred.  Find a friendly tree and try it – you’ll feel calm and uplifted because trees have a peaceful aura.
•    Life-giving fire was believed to live, dormant within the wood.  If you ‘touch wood’ for luck, when you say something that tempts Fate, you’re linking with this.  

With all this in mind, can you doubt that decorating your tree is more than just a bit of fun for the kids?  Now you know the significance, your tree can be a powerful good-luck charm for you and your family at the turn of the year.




Our familiar trees are evergreens, symbolising immortality and the undying spirit.  The evergreen is very special to the Goddess, because to pagans She is seen as the constant presence of the land, while the God dies and resurrects.  The Goddess is with us always and the evergreen is a reminder that we aren’t alone.  Your Crimbo tree is a promise that life goes on.





Is it essential to have a real tree in order to be part of ancient tradition?  People brought in boughs from the forest to deck out in bright colours as a reminder that Spring wasn’t too far away.  But now we know that resources aren’t endless and to sacrifice a tree every winter could be wasteful.  There’s no harm in having a fake tree if you prefer.  The meanings are still the same, and your good old family tree coming out of the loft again is a tradition in itself! 




If you have a special desire, or just want a general boost for yourself and your family over the coming year, spell out your wishes as you decorate.

RED BAUBLE – this is for added vitality and energy.  If you have important challenges on the horizon, ask for strength and courage as you attach this.

GREEN BAUBLE – if you need healing for yourself or anyone else, visualize them as totally fit and well as you put this on your tree.  You may like to attach a paper with their name on close to this bauble for extra effect.

GOLD BAUBLE – hang this for self-confidence, success and all-round good luck.

BLUE BAUBLE – do you have a situation that needs calming and balancing?  Decorate your tree in blue to feel that peaceful vibe.

PURPLE BAUBLE – this brings wisdom and higher knowledge, so choose purple if you want to see beyond the everyday and find understanding

STAR – a star means hope.  Put it at the top of your tree if you’ve been feeling despondent, so it can light your way to a better frame of mind.

MOON – intuition and family atmosphere are the gifts of the moon.  This symbol will enable you to connect with your instincts.

CRIB – Baby Jesus means rebirth – the most wonderful message of all.

ANGEL – Good news and blessings – could you ask for more!

ROBIN – all feathered friends bring messages and are reminders that Spirit isn’t far away.  If you want to connect with someone in this world or the next, ask for a communication as you clip a bird on your branch.

FAIRY – she may be a simple nature spirit or the Goddess herself, so place her with gratitude for all your gifts.  Hopefully she will multiply them!

BELL – the ring of bells heralds change, so visualize moving onwards to a good place as you dangle this.

SCROLL – write your heart’s desire on a small sheet of green paper and bind it with red and gold ribbons.  Hang this on your tree for your wishes to be answered in the New Year.

There are so many choices of lovely decorations now available that you will probably find several things that aren’t in the list.  Just ask yourself what the object means to you and if it feels right, whisper your wish as you hang it on your tree and look forward to some real Christmas magic!

Of course there are times when you need some insight and positive input that you can’t get by decorating your tree.  Don’t worry – at The Circle we have all that you could wish for in psychic readings and clairvoyant readings.  Why not call us today, to be connected to a medium, or psychic and to feel supported and guided.

PUBLISHED: 8 December 2014

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